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Free Bets History:

World Cup Qualifiers:
Argentina vs Columbia: 16.11.2016
After losing against Brazil, the hosts are in a bad position right now. They need the win to get back into the top 5. So they will be desperate to get all three points here. We’re confident that Messi can lead his team to a win. Columbia should lose this game by more than a goal!
Result: Argentina won 3-0!

Romania vs Poland:11.11.2016
Romania do play at home but they have no change against Lewandowski’s team. Poland will dominate this game and most probably come away with the 3 points. There’s too much class difference between the two sides. So Poland to win!
Result: Poland won 3-0!
Uruguay vs Ecuador: 11.11.2016
Uruguay is very tough at home and considering that Suarez will lead their attack, they are favorites to clinch this win. A win will put them very close to the top of the standings with Brazil facing a tough match against Argentina!
Result: Uruguay won 2-1!

Spanish League:
Espanyol vs A. Bilbao: 6.11.2016
Espanyol play disappointing football this season. Looking at Bilbao , they haven’t played that well on the road but we’re confident that they won’t lose this match. They will earn at least a draw and for higher odds we can gamble and pick them for a win!
Result: Bilbao earned a draw!

Las Palmas vs Eibar: 5.11.2016
Eibar is pretty solid at the back having a reliable defence but Las Palmas have too much creativity not to pose problems. We expect the home team to get all three points in a very tight match! This should be an entertaining encounter. Good odds for a Las Palmas victory!
Result: Las Palmas got the victory!

Bundesliga Free Prediction:
Freiburg vs Wolfsburg: 5.11.2016
Freiburg has been scorching hot at home winning all of their games. But we feel they might have some problems here. Wolfsburg is very offensive and should be able to score. That’s why we are looking for the line of Both Teams To Score. We should have a very entertaining match with a few goals from both sides.

Primera Division:
Malaga vs Gijon: 4.11.2016
Gijon hasn’t won in 5 games and is very weak on the road. Malaga got two wins in their last home matches so we can expect another good display of them. That’s why we are favoring Malaga to clinch the three points tonight!
Result: Malaga won 3-2!

Champions League:
Monaco vs CSKA : 2. 11.2016
This is an absolutely crucial match. The group is so tight that a win here is pure gold. Considering how dominating Monaco were on the road in Russia in their last matchup it’s safe to say that they will put the visitors under enormous pressure. That’s why we predict a win for the French side!

Lazio vs Sassuolo: 30.10.2016
Lazio are beginning to find their stride and play better. Sassuolo are very tough to beat but considering how many players they lost recently , it’s pretty obvious for us that Lazio can get the home win!
Result: Lazio got the win!

French League:
Lille vs PSG : 28.10.2016
PSG have lost alot of points recently so they can’t afford to make any mistakes . Lille have problems scoring so we expect both teams not to score and PSG to narrowly win this match!
Result: PSG won 1-0!

Italian League:
Inter vs Torino: 26.10.2016
Inter is in a very bad position and we think that their coach will be fired if they don’t win against Torino. There are no excuses left so Inter will have to push and look for the three points in front of their home fans! They possess the quality to overcome their opponents and get the win!
Result: Inter won 2-1

French League:
Monaco vs Montpellier: 21.10.2016
Monaco playing at home are very dangerous and it will be hard to believe that they will lose any points. After being defeated by Toulouse in the previous round they should be able to get all three points at home and close the gap on league leaders Nice.
Result: Monaco won 6-2!

Europa League:
Celta vs Ajax: 20.10.2016
Both teams are looking pretty sharp so far but we would pick Celta for the win as Ajax will probably field some reserves. So normally, the Spaniards are favorites to gain the victory in a very tight match and pretty much secure qualification outta the group stage.We should also have a high scoring game tonight!
Result: Celta drew 2-2!

Champions League:
Arsenal vs Ludogorets: 19.10.2016
Arsenal are the clear favorites and they should destroy Ludogorets. We expect a high scoring game with Arsenal winning by more than 2 goals!
Result: Arsenal destroyed their opposition!

Bayer Leverkusen vs Tottenham:18.10.2016

Both teams are in need of points with Tottenham being under more pressure after losing at home to Monaco. That’s why we expect them to get a positive result in Germany. They should be able to come away with at least a point from this encounter!
Result: Bayer vs Spurs 0-0!

Bundesliga: Mainz vs Darmstadt : 16.10.2016

Mainz is pretty good at home. They use an attacking style with early pressing which will make life difficult for Darmstadt. Normally the home team should clinch this win. So we are picking Mainz to get the three points!
Result: Mainz won 2-1!

Romania : Cluj vs Iasi: 14.10.2016
Cluj are the favorites here , being a force at home. Iasi aren’t the best away team although they are tough to defeat. But in this case we regard Cluj as having the upper hand. So we would bet on the hosts to grab the much needed victory!
Result: Cluj managed to win!

International Football:
Latvia vs Hungary: 10.10.2016
Latvia played awful in their last game losing at home to the Faroe Islands. Hungary are thereby favorite to defeat the hosts while it’s highly unlikely that both teams will score!
Results: Hungary easily won!

Poland vs Denmark: 8.10.2016
The hosts are looking really tough to beat on their home turf so it’s very likely for them to earn the win. We will probably have a high scoring game with Poland getting the victory!
Result: Poland won 3-2!

Slovenia vs Slovakia:8.10.2016
This is a very interesting game to bet on. This two teams have similar playing styles with Slovakia being slightly more talented. We do believe that they are the better team so we are tipping them not to lose today away!
Slovenia won 1-0!

Steaua vs Manchester City: 16.8.2016
Interesting Champions League qualifying match. City are the favorites here but neither team has been impressive early in the season. In such a game anything can happen but knowing Guardiola’s approach we think that we won’t have such a high scoring game. We will choose the line with Both Teams Not To Score.
Result: City won 5-0!

German Supercup:
Bayern vs Dortmund: 14.8.2016

Another final, this time in Germany. Dortmund are strong but Bayern seem to be unbeatable. We expect them to defeat Dortmund and gain their first trophy of the season under new coach Ancelotti.
Result: Bayern won 2-0!

Real Madrid vs Sevilla: 9.8.2016
This is the European Supercup. Normally Real should have the edge here. We assume that they will lift the trophy. But being early in the season , we should see some goals tonight. So betting on both teams to score is also a good choice!
Result: Real Madrid won 3-2!

Anderlecht vs Kortrijk: Belgium : 7.8.2016
Anderlecht at home is a force and after coming from behind last week they should start this game alot better and get the victory for their home fans. Kortrijk is a tough team but they shouldn’t be able to withstand the pressure.
Result: Anderlecht won 5-1!

Friendly: Swansea vs Rennes:
This being a friendly we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some goals here. Swansea are the better team and should be better prepared physically. They might win the game and a line that we like even more is that Both Teams Will Score!
Result: Swansea won 1-0!

Europa League:
Qabala vs Lille: 5.8.2016
Lille surprisingly only drew 1-1 at home. Normally Lille should overturn that result but we’re looking for a different line in this match. As both teams are defensively strong , we do expect a low scoring game. So bet on both teams not to score here!

Benfica vs Wolfsburg: 24.7.2016
Wolfsburg have lost some players and need to find some replacements pretty soon. Benfica are in a better shape and will be able to defeat the german side. We don’t expect alot of goals but certainly a win for Benfica!
Result: Benfica won 2-0!

Romanian Cup:
Astra vs Cluj: 16.7.2016
Astra is the better team and normally should go on to get the trophy. Most likely we will have a low scoring encounter with just a few goals scored. Astra will clinch this match though!
Result: Astra won 1-0!

Euro 2016:
France vs Portugal: 10.7.2016
This is it …the Euros 2016 Final. Many expected France to reach this stage but Portugal is surely a surprise. Can they upset the hosts? We don’t believe they can. France should lift the trophy but we also like another bet. We can’t see both teams scoring in this encounter so you could also pick that line.
Result: Portugal won 1-0 after Extra Time

Portugal vs Wales:6.7.2016
Wales will have a tough time winning without Ramsey. Portugal are favorites to go through to the final but the line we’re looking for is that involving both teams not scoring.
Result:Portugal won 2-0!

Wales vs Belgium:
Most probably Belgium will prevail. They do have the better individual players , but this will be extremely tough to predict. A very attractive line would be the one with Both Teams Scoring! This should be a high scoring game!
Result: Wales won 3-1!

Belgium vs Hungary: 26.6.2016
Belgium have the individual class to easily overpower Hungary. They will advance to the next round and play against Wales. Against Hungary we expect them to win by at least 2 goals given their quality!
Result: Belgium won 4-0!

France vs Ireland: 26.6.2016
France didn’t really impress so far but in a matchup against Ireland they should easily advance. For better odds we predict that Ireland will have alot of difficulties to score and France will defeat them probably keeping a clean sheet in the process.
Result: France won 2-1

Italy vs Ireland: 22.6.2016
Italy are through to the next round facing Spain so we can be pretty sure that they will play with a lot of reserves. A good line would be that both teams won’t score in this encounter.
Result: Ireland won it 1-0 !

Wales vs Russia: 20.6.2016
Russia need a victory to still have chances to advance passed the group stage. But Wales looked pretty strong so far and we expect them not to lose this game. You could even consider betting on a halftime draw as both teams will play conservative in the first half!
Result: Wales won 3-0!

Belgium vs Ireland: 18.6.2016
After losing the opening match, Belgium will be desperate to get the win. The Irish have one point so far and they’ll play Italy in their last match which is already qualified. So there’s more pressure on Belgium but we feel they’ll get the victory !

Romania vs Ukraine: 29.5.2016
Since this is a friendly match we will surely see goals scored by both sides. It’s tough to predict who will win but definitely the line Both Teams to Score should be chosen here!
Result: 3-4!

Italian Cup Final: 21.5.2016
Milan vs Juventus:
Juventus can go for the double after winning the title and are rightly so considered as favorites. But Milan can at least save their season if they clinch the Cup. So we expect them to put up a great fight and make things difficult for Juve. We predict that Milan won’t lose in regular time! Very decent odds for this line!
Result: Milan like expected didn’t lose in regular time , the score after 90 mins was 0-0!

Belgian League:
Genk vs Anderlecht : 19.5.2016
This will definitely be a high scoring game because both teams will be looking to score goals. So we should expect an offensive display with more than 2.5 goals and both teams to score. Genk playing at home will be favorites to clinch the win!
Result: Genk won 5-2!

Romania vs Switzerland: 15.5.2016
Romania need at least a point here in order to maintain their qualification hopes. For higher odds we’d predict that they will win either half. In any way they will be unbeaten today!
Result: 1-1 …Romania won the 1st half!

Espanyol vs Eibar: 15.5.2016
The home side will be looking to finish the season with a win. It was a disappointing year for them so we imagine that they will want a final home win for their fans. So, Espanyol to win!
Result: Espanyol won 4-2!

French League:
Guingamp vs Nice: 14.5.2016
Nice have to win in order to have a shot at playing in Europe so they’ll throw caution to the wind and try to earn the road win. They will surely win at least one half but we think they can grab all three points here.
Result: Nice won 3-2!

Norwich vs Watford : 11.5.2016
Norwich need the three points to avoid relegation. Since Watford are safe they won’t be able to withstand the host’s pressure. Norwich will get all three points here and move a step closer to another Premier League season.
Result: Norwich won 4-2!

French League:
Marseille vs Reims: 6.5.2016
Marseille haven’t won at home in ages so we expect them to at least clinch a victory here for their fans as this is their last home game of the season. So , it’s worth to take some risks and pick Marseille for the win!
Result: Marseille won 1-0!

Premier League:
West Ham vs Swansea : 6.5.2016
West Ham will be looking for the home win to ensure a top 6 finish which will allow them to play in Europe next year. Swansea don’t have any incentive to play so they will surely have a tough time to earn any points away!
Result: Swansea got the away win!

Turkey Cup:
Fenerbahce vs Konya; 5.5.2016
This is a cup encounter where Fener are the clear favorites. They should easily win this game while it’s more than likely that both teams won’t score here!
Result: 2-0!

Europa League:
Sevilla v Shakhtar Donetsk: 5.5.2016
Shakhtar just drew in their first leg so now they are under pressure. Sevilla are the clear favorites after scoring twice in Ukraine but we shouldn’t underestimate Lucescu’s side. We expect Shakhtar not to lose in Spain and get a positive result although they might not qualify.
Result: 3-1

Serie A:
Genoa vs Roma:2.5.2016
Roma still want to put pressure on Napoli so they will throw everything in attack to get the road victory. Genoa won’t be able to handle them. We expect Roma to win !
Result: Roma won 3-2!

Premier League:
Southampton vs Man. City: 1.5.2016
Manchester City are eyeing the Champions League semifinal so they won’t be to concentrated here that’s why Soton could pull off a surprise. We think this is a perfect match to bet on the line : Both Teams To Score!
Result: Won: Southampton prevailed 4-2

French League:
Rennes vs Monaco : 24.4.2016
Monaco will need at leas ta point here in order to increase their chances of finishing second. But , it’s always tough to come away with points from Rennes. Nevertheless we think Monaco won’t lose tonight . So look for the double chance as the safe bet!
Result : 1-1

Featured game:
Bundesliga 2:
Freiburg vs Duisburg: 22.4.2016
Freiburg are the league leaders and will be looking to built on their advantage by getting this home victory. Duisburg shouldn’t be able to handle Freiburg’s passing game!
Result: Freiburg 3-0!

Italian League:
Milan vs Carpi: 21.04.2016
This is an interesting game where we see both teams scoring . Carpi needs any point to avoid relegation so they’ll surely keep the game close. Carpi surely won’t lose by more than a goal and even for that line we have very good odds.
Result: 0-0!

Premier League:
West Ham vs Watford : 20.4.2016
West Ham have a chance of staying in 6th ahead of Liverpool so they’ll need three points here. Watford can’t possibly resist the home side pressure and will be defeated.
Result: West Ham won 3-1!

Spanish League:
Betis vs Las Palmas:19.04.2016
Betis are a bit more desperate than their opponents and considering they are playing at home , they should have an advantage here. We would pick them to earn the victory. The conservative approach would be to bet on them to win either half.
Result: 1-0 Las Palmas

Braga vs Tondela: 18.4.2016
This is a game that Braga will certainly win. They want to stay in the top so they will have no excuse if they don’t clinch the home victory. We are confident that Braga will manage to win by more than one goal which would give us pretty decent odds.

Mainz vs Koln: 17.4.2016
The home side is fighting for a place in next year’s European competitions so a win here would aid their cause. It will be tight but Mainz should at least manage to win a half. Very good odds for them to win either half. For higher odds , you could choose them to win the whole game…but we’re going with the safe option. 
Result: Mainz won the first half and lost the match after HT 2-3!

German Bundesliga:
Hoffenheim vs Hertha: 16.4.2016
Hertha are in third place at the moment but they really struggle…they don’t play as good as in the first part of the season. Hoffenheim won’t lose today…and another good pick is that they’ll win either half! Hoffenheim have won three out of their last 5 games and we don’t recommend anyone to bet against them at home right now!
Result: Hoffenheim won!

Primera Division:
Deportivo vs Las Palmas: 11.4.2016
Las Palmas are in great form somehow winning 4 of their last 5 while the home side only won a single game during that span. We like the line with both teams scoring here because both will go for the win!
Result : 1-3!

German Bundesliga: 
Koln vs Leverkusen10.4.2016
Leverkusen just love to play away because they are a great team over the counterattack. Having this in mind we expect the visitors to defeat Koln. At the very least they will be able to win either half! With a win, Bayer can close in on the third place in the league!
Result: Leverkusen won 2-0

German 2.Bundesliga:
Heidenheim vs Braunschweig:8.4.2016
This is a midtable clash where both teams can have dreams of moving  closer to the top places with a win…we actually like Brauschweig more as a road team as we’re sure that they will not lost today. So look for the line Braunschweig X2 and for higher odds : Both teams to score!
Results: Both teams scored 2-2!

Europa League: 7.4.2016
Villarreal vs S. Prague
The Spaniards are very tough at home and we can’t imagine the visitors to be able to get a positive result away.If they only lose by a single goal , i’m sure they’ll be satisfied….so Villarreal to win!
Result: Villarreal won 2-1

Champions League: 5.4.2016:
Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid
Bayern vs Benfica
This are the first two games of the quarter finals. The home teams are favorite in each of this matches and will be looking to get the win in order to obtain a good position for the return leg.
Bayern will more than that try to keep a clean sheet and most probably will manage to do so because Benfica will have problems scoring in Germany.
Result: Barca won 2-1 and as predicted Bayern kept a clean sheet !

Serie A:
Atalanta vs Milan : 3.4.2016
Milan have been up and down all season . They’ve been very difficult to predict. But now they are in the final stretch and if they want to climb to 5th , will need to start winning. We like the conservative approach here…Milan to win either half!

French League:
Rennes vs Reims :2.4.2016
Two teams with completely different objectives. Rennes are eyeing a place in next year’s European competitions while Reims try to avoid relegation.The way Rennes have been playing over the last 10 games , they shouldn’t have any problems against their opponents. Rennes to win!

Portugal :
Benfica vs Braga: 1.4.2016
Benfica are top of the league and although Braga play decent aswell, they have no chance against the hosts. For higher odds you can pick Benfica to lead at halftime.
Result: Benfica led 3-0 at HT and won 5-1!

French League:
Monaco vs Bordeaux: 1.4.2016
Monaco have been in very good form before the break caused by international football so it’s difficult to predict whether they kept their shape. But we’d be surprised if both teams scored here . So the line both teams not to score looks very good.  Monaco are favorites to win and we lean towards picking them also considering that they did hand PSG one of their only two losses!
Result: Monaco lost 1-2!


International Friendlies:
France vs Russia : 29.3.2016
The hosts will have no problems winning against Russia. They will score 2 or more goals and earn another victory after they defeated the Netherlands away in their last friendly encounter!
Result : France won 4-2!

England : 28.3.2016
Crewe v Bradford
Two teams at the opposite end of the table. Crewe are last in the standings and shouldn’t be able to pose many problems to Bradford. Bradford have a great opportunity to clinch the road win!
Result: Bradford won 1-0!

Spanish Football:
Llagostera v Alcorcon: 27.3.2016

Llagostera is near the relegation zone while Alcorcon is in the top half. They will need the 3 points if they hope to have a chance of promotion. We think that this will be a low scoring game more specifically look for the line : Both teams NOT to score!
Result : 4-0 Won!

International Friendlies:

Germany vs England : 26.3.2016
OK, this is just a friendly but the rivalry between these two nations still remains. So, we will see two determined sides going at each other. Germany is the more solid team , being superior in the midfield. That’s why we predict a Germany win although it will be close. Great game to speculate that both teams will score.
Result : 2-3 ! England

Netherlands vs France:25.03.2016
A game that shouldn’t be missed. We will surely have an offensive display since both teams have something to prove. The dutch side didn’t qualify for the Euros and at least want to win in front of their fans while France finally look like a team again and will surely be in a good position to score tonight! So, we think that both teams will find the back of the net!
Result : France won 3-2!

Turkey vs Sweden: 24.3.2016
This is an encounter between two pretty offensive teams that want to tune up their attacking game. This is why we predict that both sides will score.

Result : Turkey won 2-1!

French League:

Nice vs Ajaccio : 20.3.2016
Two teams at different end of the table. Tough to predict but keeping in mind that with a win , Nice could dream of Europe, we predict that they should dispose of their visitors. Nice to clinch the home victory!
Result: Nice won 3-0!

Frankfurt vs Hannover : Bundesliga : 19.3.2016

Pure relegation battle game. Frankfurt hasn’t won in ages and if they don’t win now , we can’t see them winning anytime soon again…this is it for them…they need this victory against the last placed team…they are desperate and will go all out to get the 3 points!

Result: Frankfurt won 1-0!

English Championship:

Middlesbrough v Hull: 18.3.2016

This is the most important game of the weekend in the Championship. Third placed Middlesbrough will face 4th placed Hull with just a point separating them. Since Boro are very reliable at home, being very tough to score against them , we predict that they will at least win either one of the halfs. For higher odds you can bet straight up on them to clinch the win!
Result: Boro won 1-0 !

Champions League:15.3.2016
City vs Kiev
Atletico Madrid vs PSV

Manchester City is practically through to the next round…not much that can happen there but Atletico Madrid will have some problems with PSV although they are favorites to advance ! Atletico will probably keep a clean sheet tonight as it is almost impossible to score against them ! But don’t underestimate PSV as they will surely keep the game close. Both teams not to score here.
Result: Madrid – PSV  0-0 ! Atletico advanced after penalties!

Romanian League:

Mures vs Dinamo : 14.3.2016

Playoffs in Romania…usually this are low scoring games where most probably both teams won’t score. Although they are playing away…Dinamo must be considered favorites in this matchup!

Result : 0-0!

Serie A:

Udinese vs Roma : 13.3.2016

We focus on the Italian League for a change. Udinese is not in good shape and are near the relegation zone while Roma picked up the pace and look set to finish third. Both teams are pretty desperate for points so this will be a great game to watch.Roma has the first chance to get the away win!

Result : Roma won 2-1.

Everton vs Chelsea: 12.3.2016

Will Chelsea be able to save this season and win the FA Cup or will Everton be able to knock out the favorites? Well Everton are more rested because Chelsea were just beaten in the CL by PSG so we would suggest Everton to win!

Result: Everton won 2-0!

Primera Division:
Malaga vs Sp. Gijon : 11.3.2016

Malaga are in great shape since the start of 2016…they have a solid defense which makes us predict that we’re going to have a match where both teams will NOT score.
Result: 1-0 Malaga : Won!

Europa League : 10.3.2016

BvB vs Tottenham :

Both teams are in second place in their domestic leagues and now clash in the Europa League. This game should contain some goals. It wouldn’t be a surprise if we’ll see over 2.5 goals with Dortmund winning.

Result : 3-0 BvB

Romanian Cup: 9.3.2016

Steaua vs Astra:

Maybe the best two teams in Romania going head to head. We regard Steaua as the much better side and they will prevail here…will be close but Steaua have more experience and class and should earn the victory!

Result: Steaua won 1-0!

Bundesliga 2 :07.03.2016

Freiburg vs Leipzig

This is the most important game of the german second league. The best two teams are going at each other. Leipzig have the better team and Freiburg are the more experienced side. The home team is looking very good here and have great odds even for not losing!

Result : 2-1 Won!

French League:

Nice vs Troyes: 5.3.2016

Nice have struggled recently but now with the full lineup at their disposal , will have a completely different look.  The hosts will surge passed Troyes and earn the 3 points.
Result :  Nice won: 2-1

Italian League:4.3.2016

Roma vs Fiorentina:

Roma have one final test ahead of their Champions League clash with Real Madrid . They are in a better shape than Fiorentina and must get the three points at home! Roma to win!
Result: 4-1 Won!

French League :4.3.2016

Caen vs Monaco

Monaco have the best defense in the League being a very tough side to score against. This should be a low scoring game where Monaco should win. More than that we expect Both Teams Not To Score. It will be a tight game so let’s hope that one of the two teams can keep a clean sheet.
Result: 2-2

Arsenal vs Swansea : 2.3.2016

Arsenal can’t afford anymore mistakes if they want to stay in the title race. Leicester only drew at home so this is their chance to close the gap. What’s pretty definite is that we’re going to see over 2.5 goals!

Result: Swansea won 2-1

Tottenham vs Swansea :28.2.2016

Tottenham have a historic chance to win the title and they can’t squander it by losing at home to Swansea. With a win they’ll move within two points of Leicester. So, although they are tired following the midweek game against Fiorentina , they should still win this game!
Result : 2-1 Won

Primera Division: 28.2.2016

Villarreal vs Levante

Real Madrid lost against city rivals Atletico so this is a great chance for Villarreal to close in on them by defeating the lowly Levante! Home team to clinch the win!

Result : Villarreal easily won the game!

D.Kiev vs Manchester City:

This should be a close game where the hosts will look to score goals at home because not having a positive result here , will make it impossible for them to qualify in England. It’s very likely that both teams will score here.

Result : 1-3 Won!

Champions League: 23.2,2016

Arsenal vs Barcelona:

There’s no way Arsene’s Wenger team can avoid defeat here. Barcelona’s passing style is just too much to handle for the hosts.

The Catalans to win!

Serie A:22.2.2016:
Napoli vs Milan

Can Napoli rebound after last week’s loss to Juve and the midweek defeat against Villarreal? We think they will because they rested alot of players vs Villarreal just to have what it takes to defeat Milan!



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