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Finally the wait is over. The new season started . Let’s look at the matches from the strongest and richest league in the world!

Premier League:
Liverpool vs Chelsea: 25.11.2017
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Tottenham vs Arsenal: 30.4.2017
Tottenham need this victory to stay in the title race. Although it’s highly unlikely that Chelsea will stumble and lose their advantage , the Spurs should be able to keep up the pressure on them. Arsenal on the other hand continue their dreadful season. Normally they shouldn’t be able to get away with any points from this game. So we are predicting a win for Tottenham in a most probably low scoring game!
Result: Tottenham won 2-0!

Crystal Palace vs Leicester: 15.4.2017
Very interesting game between two teams who have played very well lately. Leicester have been great after firing former coach Ranieri. They managed to qualify for the quarters of the Champions League where they only lost 1-0 against Atletico in the first leg. Considering that they will focus on the CL , they will probably not take this match so seriously and should lose against Palace. The line with both teams scoring is also looking pretty attractive!
Result: Palace vs Leicester 2-2!

Premier League :
Manchester City vs Liverpool: 19.3.2017
This is a very important game for the fight for the second spot in the standings behind league leaders Chelsea. Normally City have the better squad but their confidence is down after being eliminated by Monaco in the Champions League. This is the reason why we would pick Liverpool not to lose this match. They have the quality to earn at least a draw!
Result: Man City 1-1 Liverpool!

Hull City vs Swansea: 11.3.2017
Swansea have been playing very good football lately. They were dead last at the end of the year but ever since they changed their coach , they started earning wins. Just Chelsea managed to beat them recently, other than that the Swans have gathered points! We feel like they have a chance against Hull aswell. They should earn at least one point here!
Result: Hull won 2-1!

Stoke vs Crystal Palace 11.2.2017
Palace have only won once in their last 5 games and should have problems finding the back of the net against Stoke. The hosts are very effective at home and after going through a tough period , they managed to find their rhythm back. So we are betting on Stoke to get the victory!
Result: Stoke vs Palace 1-0

Stoke vs Everton: 2.2.2017
Both teams are desperate for points as they have dropped valuable opportunities lately to get wins. This is why we think that we’re going to have a very open game. Tough to predict a winner so that’s why we’re looking at the following line: Both teams to score today as the focus point will be the offense.
Result: Stoke 1-1 Everton

Manchester City vs Arsenal: 18.12.2016
City are suddenly struggling to find the back of the net. They suffered a series of setbacks falling well behind league leaders Chelsea. Arsenal are in front of them in the standings so anything else other than a victory would be a disappointment for City. We will pick Guardiola’s side for the home win in this one!
Result : City won 2-1!

Tottenham vs Swansea: 3.12.2016
This are two attacking teams that are struggling at the moment. We do expect Tottenham to have the upper hand but Swansea are desperate for points. Tottenham nevertheless ought to be able to win this game by more than one goal!
Result: Tottenham won 5-0!

Chelsea vs Tottenham: 27.11.2016
This will be an interesting London derby with both teams looking to get points. Chelsea is in great form playing their best football of the season right now. Tottenham suffered some losses in the CL and must be low on confidence. That’s why we assume that Chelsea will manage to get all three points at home!
Result : Chelsea won 2-1!

Middlesbrough vs Chelsea: 21.11.2016
Conte’s team seem to be in very fine form right now. They are top of the league and are playing very convincing football. Normally they should easily dispose of Boro. The hosts will have problems scoring so we’ll pick Chelsea for the road win.
Result: Chelsea won 1-0!

Swansea vs Man.Utd: 6.11.2016
Both teams are going through a rough period. Mourinho needs to right the ship as his team is under huge pressure. They simply need the three points against Swansea to stay in touch with the top 5 in the league.
Result: Man. Utd won 3-1

Everton vs West Ham: 29.10.2016
Everton are going through a negative period. They haven’t won in 4 matches while West Ham are on a two game winning streak. But we do expect Everton led by Lukaku to win this game in front of their home fans!
Result: Everton got the win!

West Ham vs Sunderland: 22.10.2016
The home team is looking sharper in the last few weeks. Bilic managed to get some players back from injury and they are starting to put a run together. They should soon climb in the standings. So we do predict a win for the Hammers!
Results: West Ham won 1-0!

Arsenal vs Swansea: 15.10.2016
Swansea fired their coach and will try to play more efficient under the new manager. But Arsenal should win this game. We expect a high scoring game with both teams finding the back of the net.
Arsenal won 3-2!

WBA vs Tottenham: 15.10.2016
Tottenham is unbeaten so far in the season. They are actually the only team in the league which hasn’t lost yet. It will not be easy to win at WBA but we think they have what it takes to get away with the three points! So the Spurs should earn the important road win!
Result: WBA 1-1 Spurs

Swansea vs Liverpool: 1.10.2016
Swansea are having a very difficult schedule and their form isn’t the best. Normally Liverpool should manage and clinch this win although they are playing away. The Reds to earn all three points and continue Swansea’s misery.
Result: Liverpool won 2-1

Stoke vs WBA: 24.9.2016
Both teams are struggling and playing well below their potential. We do consider Stoke , who haven’t won any game this season to be the more talented team. Their confidence is sadly very low but they should be able to clinch a win at some point and we think they have a shot here. Stoke to prevail!
Result: Stoke 1-1 WBA

Sunderland vs Crystal Palace:24.9.2016
Very interesting game where we expect alot of goals. Both teams are in need of points so they will play offensive. It’s more than likely that we will have over 2.5 goals with both teams scoring!
Result: Sunderland 2-3 Palace

Arsenal vs Southampton: 10.9.2016 
Arsenal will be looking to get all three points in this match. Southampton are a weaker side than last year losing some key players so they should stand no chance of getting any points outta this matchup. Wenger’s team to get the victory!
Results: Arsenal won 2-1!

Everton vs Stoke: 27.8.2016
Everton is highly unpredictable and Stoke will deliver alot of upsets aswell. This is the perfect match to speculate. The home team are favorites to win it. The talent that they have in the line up should allow them to come away with the victory!
Result: Everton won 1-0!

Manchester vs Southampton: 19.08.2016
United will be a high scoring team this season with Ibrahimovic and Martial upfront. This is their first home game so we’re looking for them to easily get the three points and clinch their second win of the season. They could even keep a clean sheet here!
Result: Manchester 2-0!

Middlesbrough vs Stoke 13.8.2016
Boro are newly promoted so it’s hard to predict the result. Knowing the two teams we feel that we won’t see too many goals here. We should have under 2.5 goals. Alternatively , Stoke do seem to be the better side. So you might consider betting on them to win either half.
Result: 1-1!

Manchester vs Bournemouth: 17.5.2016
Manchester had a dreadful season and they will try to give their home fans at least one final victory to close this year. That’s why we expect them to score more than 2 goals and get the win against Bournemouth!
ManUtd won 3-1!

WBA vs Liverpool:15.5.2016
Liverpool will field a reserve team so most likely WBA will control the game. It will be a pretty open match so that’s why we expect both teams to score on this last match day in the Premier League.
Result 1-1 !

Sunderland vs Everton: 11.5.2016
Sunderland need the home win in order to avoid relegation. Since Everton have pretty much lost every game in the past period they should not stand a chance here either. Sunderland to gain the 3 points.
Result: Sunderland won 3-0!

Leicester vs Everton  : 7.5.2016
Leicester have already won the Premier League so they will surely try to give their home supporters one last win to close out the season in style. Everton are in very poor form so they won’t be able to withstand Leicester’s pressure.
Result: Leicester won 3-1!

Manchester United vs Leicester: 1.5.2016
Manchester are favorites here because of the pressure Leicester must feel. But Ranieri’s side showed alot of composure and we’re sure they will make life difficult for ManUtd. That’s why we are confident that Leicester will surely not lost and at least earn a point!
Result: 1-1!

WBA  – West Ham : 30.4.2016
West Ham are a very dangerous road team , especially now that WBA don’t have alot of motivation to play for a win…West Ham is hoping for European Football next year so a victory today will aid their cause.
West Ham easily won 3-0!

Sunderland vs Arsenal: 24.4.2016
Sunderland are desperate for points trying to avoid relegation while Arsenal will at least be eyeing a podium finish. Wenger’s side is much more experienced and should come away with the road win to put some pressure on City and Tottenham. Even more likely is that both teams won’t score. Sunderland will most probably not be able to get on the scoring sheet!
Result: 0-0!

Stoke vs Tottenham: 18.4.2016
Stoke aren’t a bad home team but they shouldn’t stand any chance against the visitors because the Spurs have a lot to play for. Tottenham need the victory to close the gap on Leicester and surely they will earn it!
Result :
Tottenham won 4-0!

Leicester vs West Ham: 16.4.2016
If Leicester win against West Ham it’s very likely that the title race is almost over. Three points here would put huge pressure on Tottenham to be flawless down the stretch. Although the visitors are good , we expect Leicester to handle the pressure and at least get a point.
Result: 2-2!

Leicester vs Southampton: 3.4.2016
Leicester have a huge chance of increasing their lead atop of the Premier League, especially after Tottenham only managed to draw at Liverpool. Soton are a very good side with great individual players so it will be tough but..the way Leicester are built we predict that at least they will win either half.
Result: Leicester won 1-0 and nothing seems to stop them winning an unbelievable title!

Premier League Fixtures: 2.4.2016
Liverpool vs Tottenham :

This is the most important encounter of the upcoming weekend. Liverpool still hopes that they can climb in the standings a few places to earn hte right to play in Europe next season. So they are more than motivated and capable of beating the Spurs. Tottenham can’t really want anything else other than a road win. They already are 5 points behind Leicester and if they fail to get all 3 points here , they might not have enough time to catch up with the league leaders.
Result : 1-1!

Premier League: 19.3.2016

Crystal Palace v Leicester

Leicester are currently 5 points ahead of Tottenham , that’s why a win here at Palace would be a huge step towards winning the title. A Leicester win brings us odds of 2.5 , so although it will be a very tight game , it’s worth to take some risks here. The only question is whether they can withhold the pressure of being so close to finishing at the top.
We can’t see this being a high scoring game!
Result: Leicester won 1-0!

Aston Villa vs Tottenham : 13.3.2016
Tottenham was just crushed in the Europa League by Dortmund and now will look to stay in the title race with a win against Villa. They can’t be losing any points here if they still want to have a shot at the first place!

Result: Spurs won 2-0!


Tottenham vs Arsenal :  Odds:  1: 2.30    X: 3.25    2: 2.95

Every match is important down the stretch but the London derby between Tottenham vs Arsenal is the most intriguing one:

After being defeated by Swansea at home and by ManUtd last week , Arsenal need to make up some ground. They are 6 points off leaders Leicester and will look for a win here. The Spurs are three points behind Ranieri’s side and a win against the gunners will pile up the pressure on the league leaders!
Result: Tottenham vs Arsenal 2-2  ….Leicester stay 5 points clear off Tottenham!


Free Tip:

Leicester vs WBA 1.3.2016

Leicester must be feeling the pressure for closing in on the title. They struggled to beat Norwich at home a few days ago and will definitely have a difficult task of getting all the points vs WBA. But , we trust Ranieri to find the right solution that will lead Leicester to an important home win! More than that…we expect both teams to score !
Result : 2-2 !

Stoke vs Aston Villa 28.2.2016

This game is normally straight forward. The home team to win. Why? Well, Stoke are a midtable team but have huge potential looking at their individual players…even this season if they make a push they can climb in the standings. The main reason why we would bet on them is Villa’s form. Although the visitors are playing a touch better than a month ago…it’s still extremely poor. Stoke to win!

Result : 2-1 Won!

Title Race:

Leicester vs Norwich   Odds:  1: 1.5    X: 4.33    2: 6.10

Man.Utd vs Arsenal    Odds: 1: 3.10   X: 3.30   2: 2.35

Tottenham vs Swansea  Odds: 1: 1.44  X: 4.20  2: 9.10

Manchester City vs Tottenham: 14.2.2016

Tottenham are in second place , 5 points behind league leaders Leicester and just one point ahead of City. So this game has huge implications! City should avenge their loss at home to Leicester from last week when they were defeated 3-1. But the Spurs are playing great having gained victory in 4 out of their last 5 games.

Although City are favorites, the line with both teams to score looks pretty good!

Result: 1-2 

Huge blow for City’s title ambitions! With all the Guardiola talks taking over from next year, Pellegrini seems to have problems imposing himself!

Featured matches:

Arsenal vs Leicester

For us this is the most important game of the week! If Leicester can get at least a point against Arsenal , they will be in pole position to win the title. Let’s see if Ranieri can orchestrate another surprise result!

Result: 2-1

Arsenal on level terms with Tottenham in second position. Just two points off Leicester. Heartbreaking defeat for Leicester!!! You gotta feel sorry for a team that defended with 10 men for most of the 2nd half and got punished right at the death!

Aston Villa vs Liverpool

Villa has played a lot better recently but there’s still a long way to go if they want to avoid relegation. Klopp can’t do to much with the talent available. Liverpool are a midtable team at the moment but on a good day they can defeat anyone!

Result: 0-6

No comment…Just this…Villa look set for Championship Football next season!

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