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NHL Playoffs:
Nashville vs Colorado : 21.4.2018 ( Game 5)
Nashville playing at home can close out the series with a home win but we think that the Avs still have a word to say. So we are predicting Colorado to earn the road win and stay alive in this postseason. With a win the series will get back to Denver where anything is possible. So we are tipping Colorado to achieve the upset!
Results: Colorado managed to win 2-1!

Dallas vs Minnesota: 31.3.2018
Dallas don't have too many chances to earn a postseason birth but they will give it a fight. We think that at home they are very strong and tough to defeat and although the Wild are in very good shape, there's a good chance that they will win. So we do expect a Stars win in regular time. We should only have a low scoring game with under 6 goals!
Result: Stars won 4-1!

Chicago vs Boston: 11.3.2018
Chicago don't have anything to play for anymore while the Bruins are in great form having won their last 6 matches. So we expect Boston to extend the winning streak. 
They should be able to get the road win and improve their season record. Chicago have given up on achieving anything this year so they will probably lose this encounter. Boston to prevail!

Colorado vs Minnesota:3.3.2018
Both teams are fighting to get into the postseason. The Wild are better positioned but the Avs playing at home are very tough to handle. They do have a couple of games in hand and with a win they should be able to climb to 6th place in the western conference standings. So we are betting on Colorado to clinch the home ice win!
Result: Colorado won 7-1!

New York Rangers vs Minnesota Wild: 24.2.2018
The Rangers still have a shot at reaching the playoffs but it will be tough to defeat the Wild who are trying themselves to catch the last playoff spot in the packed Western Conference. They are on a roll and should be able to get the road win. It will probably be a pretty low scoring game as Minnesota have a very decent defense. But we will bet on the road team to win!
Result: Wild won 4-1!

Edmonton vs Tampa Bay: 7.2.2016 
The two teams are very offensive so we expect a high scoring affair where we will surely have over 5 goals. Except of that we believe that the Oilers do have the quality to defeat their better placed opponents as this is a crucial game that will define their playoff position!            

Detroit Red Wings vs Chicago: 26.1.2018
Detroit are pretty dangerous at home so it's tough to bet against them. But Chicago are in desperation mode as they need wins in order to get back in the playoff race. Kane should be able to lead his team out of this difficult situation. That's why we rely on the Blackhawks' experience to find another gear and manage to get the road victory!. Chicago to easily prevail in this matchup!
Result: Chicago won 5-!

Anaheim Ducks vs LA Kings : 20.1.2018
What a game we have on our hands between this two Californian rivals. The Ducks are in a more critical position as they are outta the playoff race so they desperately need the 2 points tonight. We do expect them to dominate the game and manage to get the win as along the history the home team has won this kinda matches more often. So the Kings to be defeated tonight by Anaheim. This should also definitely be a low scoring game!
Result: Anaheim won 2-1!

Anaheim Ducks vs Calgary Flames: 30.12.2017
The Flames aren't the best team on the road but they are very difficult to play against. Still we would fancy the Ducks to get the win. Anaheim is in a tough position where they need to make up ground in order to make the playoffs. So it's imperative for them to get the victory. Playing at home they will surely be the dominant side so we're picking them to get the two points tonight and move ahead of their rivals in the standings!
Result: Anaheim vs Flames : 2-1 

Washington Capitals vs New York Rangers: 9.12.2017
The Caps started the season slowly but are now firing on all cylinders. They will surely be back close to the top if they keep this pace going. The Rangers can't resist the Caps' offensive prowess and will surely be defeated by Ovechkin and his teammates. We should also be seeing a pretty high scoring game since Washington is very offensive so we wouldn't be surprised to have over 5.5 goals here.
Result: Washington won 4-2!

Vegas Knights vs San Jose Sharks: 25.11.2017
The Knights have been the surprise package of the start of the season. They played well beyond expectations and the way they have showcased their skills , we think they will continue the trend. Although the Sharks are very strong , we will pick Vegas to get the two points here. We also expect a high scoring game as both teams score more than 3 goals per game!

Detroit Red Wings vs Buffalo Sabres: 18.11.2017
The hosts haven't played bad at home lately and will try to continue their dominance over the Sabres. Buffalo meanwhile is struggling again to get into a decent rhythm and we predict yet another loss for them. What we expect is a low scoring game with under 5 goals where most probably Detroit will win!
Result: Detroit vs Buffalo 3-1

Arizona vs Winnipeg: 12.11.2017
Winnipeg are playing on the road but they seem to be in a very good form. Arizona is struggling , finding it tough to get victories and will probably continue this trend. That's why , although it's always tough to get road victories , we do think that the Jets will come out on top from this encounter. So, Winnipeg to extend their good run and get the win!
Result: The Jets won!

Edmonton vs New Jersey: 4.11.2017
This is a match worth betting on because the bookmakers are handing the home team very good odds. We analyzed the two teams and came to the conclusion that the Devils won't be able to get points out of this game. Edmonton is too strong at home and although they haven't started the season too well , they will be able to get all the points tonight. So we will pick the Oilers to prevail in this matchup!
Result: Edmonton easily won!

Philadelphia Flyers vs Edmonton Oilers: 21.10.2017
The Oilers have huge talent in their lineup but for some reason, started the season very poorly. The Flyers on the other hand showed resiliency at home where they did manage to dominate their opponents. That's why we believe that we will have a low scoring game with Philadelphia getting the win in front of their home fans!
Result:Philadelphia vs Edmonton 2-1!

Toronto Maple Leafs vs New York Rangers: 8.10.2017
It's early in the season so it's not easy to make predictions but the Rangers don't really look sharp at the start of this campaign. This makes us analyze this match closer and pick Toronto for the win. The Leafs are very proficient at home and should normally clinch  the win. Another interesting line would be to assume we're going to have over 5.5 goals. As both teams are offensive this is a good line to look at!
Results: Toronto won 8-5!

Stanley Cup:
Pittsburgh won the Cup defeating Nashville 4-2!

NHL Playoffs: Stanley Cup Finals:
Pittsburgh vs Nashville: 1.6.2017
The Penguins won the first game of the series and will be looking to take a commanding 2-0 lead. They were dominant in Game 1 and if they continue their push , we regard them as favorites to clinch the second game aswell. Rinne, the Preds' goaltender, will look to rebound after a poor performance but we still regard Pittsburgh as the better team!
Result: Pittsburgh easily prevailed!

Ottawa vs Pittsburgh: Game 5 : 22.5.2017
Just like the Western Conference Series, we have a great battle on our hands. We believe that the Penguins can overcome the Sens and clinch the 3-2 series lead. They are an explosive team and considering that Ottawa have some injuries to deal with , we would pick Pittsburgh for the win!
Result: Penguins won 7-0!

Anaheim vs Nashville : Game 5: 21.5.2017
The series is now tied at 2. The Ducks managed to pull even by clinching an amazing road win in OT against the Predators. Now game 5 is all important as most probably who will get this victory will advance to the Stanley Cup. Because Anaheim won the last game and have the momentum on their side, we will pick them to defeat Nashville.
Result: Nashville won!

Anaheim vs Nashville: Game 2 : 15.5.2017
After losing Game 1 , the Ducks need this home win to have a chance and head back home with the series tied at 1 . They need to find a way to figure out Rinne, who has been outstanding for Nashville in goal. We are confident that Anaheim will be much better offensively than in the first game and manage to clinch the victory!
Result: Ducks won 5-3!

Anaheim vs Edmonton:11.5.2017
This is the decisive Game 7 of the series. Whoever wins will advance to the Conference Finals. Anaheim has a negative history in decisive games, losing their last 5 . This time we think that they will manage to take advantage of home ice and defeat the Oilers. It will be tough to bounce back after the 7-1 defeat in Game 6 but we think that the Ducks will make it to the Finals!
Result: Anaheim won 2-1!

Pittsburgh vs Washington: 9.5.2017 - Game 6
The Penguins are leading the series 3-2 and they will look to finish it off at home. They'll surely want to avoid to go back to Washington for a decisive Game 7. That's why we are predicting a win for Crosby and his Pens as they should be able to move to the Conference Semifinals!
Result: Washington won on the road!

New York vs Ottawa : 5.5.2017
Until now every team has won its home game. Thus, Ottawa is leading 2-1 in the series. But looking at the way the first three games have unfolded we will pick the Rangers to get the victory. So there's a very high probability that after the first four games of this series , the score will be tied at 2.
Result: Rangers easily won!

Edmonton vs Anaheim: 30.4.2017
Edmonton won both games in California and are the clear favorites now to prevail in this series. But we believe that Anaheim has what it takes to win Game 3 and make this series interesting again .It will be difficult but the Ducks have the experience to overturn this deficit. Game 3 will certainly be decisive because if the Ducks lose they surely can't comeback from 0-3. But we're betting on them to prevail!
Result: Anaheim won 6-3!

Boston vs Ottawa : 23.4.2017
Ottawa are leading the series 3-2 and are in need for just one more win to advance to the second round. The Bruins will look to force a Game 7 and the bookies consider them as favorites. But , the pressure is on all them and they might inhibit them. The Senators showed resilience throughout the year and they have a good chance of closing the series in Boston. So we're picking Ottawa for the W.
Result: Ottawa advanced to the next round!

Montreal vs NY Rangers: 21.4.2017
The series is tied at 2-2. So Game 5 will be crucial as the team who'll manage to clinch it will probably end up winning the series. The Rangers won last game so their confidence is a little bit higher and that's the reason we would predict that Montreal will lose this home game. So New York to get the series lead!
Result: The Rangers are leading 3-2 in the series!

San Jose Sharks vs Edmonton Oilers: 17.4.2017
The series is tied at 1-1 . The Sharks managed to take home ice advantage away from the Oilers. But we regard Edmonton as the better team so we expect them to win at least one of the next two road games.
Great odds for the Oilers to grab the away victory and go up 2-1 in the series!
Result: Oilers won 1-0!

Minnesota vs St.Louis: 15.4.2017
The Blues are leading 1-0 in the series after winning Game 1 on the road. So Game 2 is a must win situation for the Wild. If they go 2-0 down into St Louis, there are little chances for them to rally back. So this is why our prediction is that Minnesota will manage to tie the series by winning Game 2!
Result: Blues won and lead 2-0!

Carolina vs St. Louis: 9.4.2017
The Blues have already made the playoffs so they will play relaxed. Carolina have nothing to play for and we think that they will have problems defeating St. Louis. Considering that the road team need the victory to improve their playoff position, we are choosing them to get the two points. It will be an open game with alot of goal scoring chances!
Result: Blues won 5-4!

Anaheim vs Chicago: 7.4.2017
This is a very tough game to predict. The Blackhawks already won the division and the Ducks are trying to win theirs. For us this are the best two teams in the West. The Ducks have the upperhand in this game since they play at home but we like a different line. There won't be alot of goals scored here. So look for the line Total Goals under 5.5!
Result: Anaheim won 4-0!

Anaheim vs Calgary: 5.4.2017
Anaheim have just beaten the Flames two days ago in Calgary. Now they will need to repeat that feat if they want to hold on to first place in the division. They are very dominant at home and should be able to take control of the game although this will have playoff intensity so anything can happen. But our prediction is that the Ducks will clinch the win!
Result: Anaheim won 3-1!

Buffalo Sabres VS New York Islanders :2.4.2017
The Islanders only have one chance left to make the playoffs. And that's to win all the remaining games. We do think that they are good enough to at least make things interesting and defeat the Sabres. So we're predicting a road win for the Islanders in Buffalo. Very good odds for this feat!
Result: Isles won 4-2!

Tampa Bay vs Chicago: 28.3.2017
Tampa Bay are in great form and are in desperate need of the two points as they are making a final playoff push. Chicago have the best record in the West but we don't see them defeating the Bolts.
So we're prediction a narrow win for Tampa!
Result: Tampa won 5-4!

Detroit vs Minnesota: 27.3.2017
Detroit have absolutely nothing to play for. On the other hand , the Wild have the 2nd best record in the West but aren't in good shape. They have lost four of their last 5 games and are looking to get back to winning ways. We think that they will manage to defeat the Red Wings and improve their position!
Result: Detroit got the OT victory

NHL Betting

Teemu Vatanen

Number of tips: 322
Hit rate: 57.13%

Last matches:
Won: Edmonton vs Anaheim 3-6
Won Ottawa vs NY Rangers 6-5
Lost:Anaheim vs Edmonton 1-2
Won: Columbus vs Pittsburgh 4-5
Won: Sharks vs Oilers 0-1
Lost: NY Rangers vs Montreal 1-3
Won: Anaheim vs Calgary 3-2
Won: Tampa vs Chicago 5-4!
Lost: NY Isles vs Nashville 1-3
Won: Anaheim vs NY Rangers 6-3
Won: Anaheim vs LA Kings 1-0
Lost: San Jose vs Boston 1-2
Won: Washington vs Boston 5-3
Won: Anaheim vs Colorado 5-1
Lost: Arizona vs Vancouver 3-0
Won: Columbus vs Edmonton 3-1
Won: Anaheim vs Flyers 4-3
Lost: Dallas vs Florida 1-3
Won: Toronto vs Detroit 5-4

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Tip of the Day: History

Anaheim vs Edmonton: 23.3.2017
The Ducks playing on home ice are favorites to overcome the Oilers. This will be a very interesting game since both teams are equal on points. Whoever will win this encounter will close the gap on the division leading Sharks. Anaheim usually is involved in close games and this will make no exception. The Ducks to get the 2 points!
Result: Anaheim won 4-3!

Calgary vs Dallas: 17.3.2017
The Flames are one of the hottest teams in the league and are very dominant at home. They currently hold the 5th position in the West and are looking to improve on that. Dallas is no match for them as they have nothing to play for. So we do expect Calgary to get the home ice win and improve their postseason chances!
Result:Calgary won 3-1!

Vancouver vs Pittsburgh: 12.3.2017
Pittsburgh is one of the most explosive teams in the League while the Canucks are finding it tough to score goals. Although they are playing at home we feel like Vancouver will lose this encounter. The Penguins have too much individual quality not to prevail in this matchup. So we expect Pittsburgh to get the 2 points!
Result: Pittsburgh easily got the road win!

Florida vs Minnesota: 11.3.2017
Minnesota do own the best record in the West while Florida are desperate for points trying to get into the postseason. Although they are playing at home we would consider it an upset if the Panthers got the victory. So we're picking the Wild to get all the points here and solidify their position atop the West!
Result: Wild won 7-4!

Ottawa vs Boston: 7.3.2017
Both teams are in good shape lately winning a few very important games. They will both probably be in the playoffs and this match will surely be important for the postseason position. Ottawa playing at home should be favorites so we're picking them for the victory!
Result: Ottawa won!

Anaheim vs Toronto: 4.3.2017
The Ducks have not been consistent lately but at home they are pretty reliable. Toronto isn't a prolific road team and combined with the Ducks' home supremacy , it looks like Anaheim can get the two points. They need a win to try and improve their playoff hopes!
Result: Anaheim managed to win!

Florida vs Carolina: 1.3.2017
Both teams are currently struggling not being able to get to winning ways. The Panthers have lost their previous three games and aren't looking sharp. But Carolina is even worse so that's why we are picking Florida to get the home win and stay in playoff contention.
Result: Florida got the home win!

Anaheim Ducks vs Boston Bruins: 23.2.2017
Anaheim have lost their previous game against the lowly Arizona Coyotes and will look to avenge that defeat. Boston is pretty tough away but we don't think that they will be able to avoid defeat in California. So we are picking Anaheim to get the two points!
Result: Anaheim managed to win!

St. Louis Blues vs Florida Panthers: 21.2.2017
Two red hot teams are going head to head. Both have won 4 outta their previous 5 games and are looking to increase that streak. Florida has played great lately , defeating top teams but being at the end of their road trip , they should be tired and finding it hard to win. That's why we are betting on the Blues!
Result: Florida won 2-1

Anaheim Ducks vs LA Kings: 20.2.2017
Great California showdown. Both teams were defeated by Florida on their home ice and both are deep in the playoff race. So a win is very important for every party involved here. Considering that the Ducks are playing at home , they should come out with more energy trying to dictate play. That's why we are picking them to clinch the win!
Result: Anaheim won 1-0!

Toronto vs NY Islanders : 15.2.2017
There's a huge fight for the final playoff spots in the East and this matchup will be very important in this regard. Toronto isn't as strong right now as the Isles but considering that they are playing at home , we believe that their enthusiasm will lead them to get the victory! Toronto to prevail!
Result: Toronto got the win!

Buffalo Sabres vs Anaheim Ducks: 10.2.2017
This two teams won just a combined three games out of their last 10. So it's safe to say that their form isn't very impressive. But the Ducks are still the more reliable team which should be deemed as favorites.
We are picking Anaheim to break out of their slump and earn the 2 points on the road!
Result: Anaheim easily won this road game!

New Jersey vs Buffalo 7.2.2017
Both teams won just two outta their last 5 games. Overall the Devils are the better team but they failed to capitalize on their chances at home. We feel like tonight they have a good opportunity to break outta that slump and manage to win the two points. It will be a tight game where we expect the home side to be the better franchise!
Result: The Devils won 2-1!

St. Louis vs Toronto: 3.2.2017
The Blues have fired their head coach and now are facing a tough time where they need to find their rhythm in order to avoid to miss the playoffs. Toronto are a highly explosive team which can produce significant results but we are picking the Blues to rebound and get the home win!
Result: St Louis won 5-1!

Washington vs Boston: 2.2.2017 
Nice matchup again. Boston have picked up the pace. They have won their last games and are making a playoff push. The Capitals dropped a few lately but at home they're still one of the teams with the best records in the league.
That's why we will pick Washington to continue their impressive streak at home and get the win!
Result: Washington won 5-3!

Washington vs Carolina : 24.1.2017 
Washington are one of the hottest teams in the League. Carolina haven't played bad lately but winning against the Caps will be extremely difficult. This is why we are predicting an easy home win for Washington, they could even clinch it in regulation!
Result: Washington won 6-1!

Vancouver vs Nashville: 16.1.2017 
Vancouver have been playing very good in their last 20 games. Especially at home they are extremely strong. Nashville isn't the best road team but they can provide good results. Since both teams are rather good defensively we will pick the line with under 5.5 total goals!
Result: Vancouver won 1-0!

Washington vs Chicago: 14.1.2017
Washington are two points ahead of Chicago. Both teams are fighting to win their respective conference. The Capitals seem to be in better shape right now and because they also play at home they should have a huge advantage. This is the reason we suggest to pick them for the victory!
Result: Capitals won 6-0!

NY Islanders vs Florida: 12.1.2017
This is an encounter between two struggling teams. We think Florida is the better team but it would be dangerous to bet on them. The most probable outcome would be a low scoring game where most probably it will be decided by a single goal. So we'd like to bet on under 5.5 total goals!
Result: Florida won 2-1!

Columbus vs Philadelphia : 9.1.2017
Columbus have lost two straight games after their amazing winning streak. Now they face the Flyers and we expect them to get back to winning ways. It won't be a high scoring game but the Blue Jackets have the potential to earn the two points on their home ice!
Results: Columbus 2-1 Wild!

Anaheim vs Minnesota: 9.1.2017
The Ducks are extremely efficient on home ice and it wouldn't surprise us too much if they managed to clinch the win in their own building. We expect them to gain early control of the game and impose themselves. The Ducks to earn the victory!
Result: Wild won it 2-1!

Vancouver vs Arizona : 5.1.2017
Vancouver has won 4 outta their last 5 games and should be able to go for a fifth straight tonight. Arizona hasn't won in 6 matches and most probably will fall here again. So we are picking the home team in this one!
Result: Vancouver won 3-2!

Anaheim vs Philadelphia: 2.1.2017
The Ducks are very efficient at home and although they don't find easy ways to win they still are pretty reliable. We would pick them to defeat the Flyers and improve their position in the standings. Most probably this will be a game decided by one goal!
Result: Anaheim won 4-3!

St. Louis Blues vs Philadelphia Flyers: 29.12.2016
We expect a pretty high scoring game as both teams are offensive. The Blues will look to climb in the standings with a win. They are very strong at home and it's very difficult for any team to come away with points from their building. So we are tipping the home team to clinch the two points!
Result: Flyers won 6-3!

Tampa Bay vs Montreal: 29.12.2016
Both teams are struggling a bit at the moment. We do regard Montreal as the better side. At home they are outstanding but problems do arise on the road. Nevertheless the Bolts aren't all that impressive right now either and given the fact the Montreal is the more talented team, we would pick them for the victory! 

Montreal vs Minnesota: 23.12.2016
This are two of the best teams in the league facing each other. Montreal is almost unbeatable at home but Minnesota's recent form was impressive. We are tipping on a high scoring game with the Wild getting at least one point in this matchup!
Result: Wild won 4-2!

Toronto vs Anaheim: 21.12.2016
The Ducks are on a long road trip and after losing their last game we expect them to get the better of the Leafs. They have a few players that can score at will so we are confident that Anaheim can come away from Toronto with the two points. It will be a close game probably decided by a single goal!
Result: Anaheim won 3-2!

Winnipeg vs Florida: 15.12.2016: 
Both teams are struggling at the moment. They only won once in their last five encounters so something's gotta give tonight. Since the Jets do play at home and are normally tough to defeat in their own building we would choose them to clinch the two points!
Result: Winnipeg won 5-4

Minnesota vs Colorado: 19.11.2016
The Wild are extremely tough to play against , especially in their own building. The Avs struggle to find ways to score right now so it wouldn't be a surprise to have a low scoring game where most probably the Wild will prevail.  We will pick the under 5.5 Total Goals line!
Wild vs Avs 2-3!

Calgary vs Chicago: 
Chicago is the best team in the West as they are playing very convincing right now. The Flames aren't so dominant at home so it's very likely that the Blackhawks will earn the two points!
Result: Chicago won 3-2!

Buffalo vs Tampa Bay: 17.11.2016
The Sabres have lost their previous 5 games and against the Bolts should have little chances to bounce back. We predict that we will have a low scoring game with most probably under 5.5 total goals to be scored. Very interesting line considering the poor goals output of the hosts.
Result: Tampa won 4-1!

Anaheim vs Edmonton: 15.11.2016
Edmonton is playing very good this season as they have surprised everyone with their positive record. But the Ducks are too experienced at home to be beaten. They are hungry for points and should normally be able to clinch all two points tonight.
Result: Anaheim won 4-1!

Colorado vs Boston: 14.11.2016
Colorado is struggling to find a good rhythm and have difficulties scoring. That's why we do expect a pretty low scoring game. The Bruins can explode for a few goals but we think the margin will be small. So we would pick the line Under 5.5 total goals!
Result: Boston won 2-0!

Colorado vs Winnipeg: 12.11.2016
Winnipeg played the other night and should be more tired than the Avs. Colorado aren't playing great this season but they are always dangerous at home. We are looking for a low scoring game with under 5.5 goals where the home side will eventually prevail.
Result: Colorado won 3-2!

Carolina vs Anaheim Ducks : 11.11.2016
The Ducks are on a pretty good run although they are far from perfect on the road. They did play last night and got to OT against the Blue Jackets while dominating the match. We think they will be the better and more dangerous team tonight also and that's why we favor them for the win!
Result: Ducks won 4-2!

Nashville vs Ottawa : 9.11.2016
Nashville haven't started the season on a positive note at all. They need to make up alot of ground. Ottawa meanwhile are on the opposite end. They earned a significant amount of points and are looking really good so far in the season. But this time round we will give the home team the edge as they are desperate for a home win. The Preds to prevail!
Result: Nashville won 3-1!

St Louis vs Colorado : 7.11.2016 
This should be a low scoring game with most probably under 5.5 goals being scored. We assume that the Blues will manage to prevail since they are the better side and are very tough to defeat at home!
Result: Blues won 5-1!

Detroit vs Winnipeg: 5.11.2016
Detroit is pretty inconsistent so any result is possible here. Winnipeg can provide some offense so we should look for them to score goals tonight. That's why we assume that we're going to have an open game with lots of goals. Over 5.5 goals is very likely!
Result: Jets won 5-3!

Anaheim Ducks vs Pittsburgh Penguins: 3.11.2016
Anaheim is strong at home but normally they won't be able to withstand the Pens fire power. So although it's going to be close, the Penguins should impose themselves and get the road victory!
Result: Pens won 5-1!

Ottawa Senators vs Carolina :1.11.2016
Both teams are very offensive so we should expect a high scoring encounter. The Sens have won most of their games at home so besides the goal line we suggest to pick Ottawa for the victory!
Result: Ottawa got the win!

Vancouver vs Washington: 30.10.2016
Both teams are mostly concentrated on their defense. That's why we do expect a tight game. Most probably Washington should win this because Vancouver doesn't have the quality to challenge them. So look for Ovechkin and Co to win this one!
Result: Washington won 5-2!

Anaheim vs Nashville: 27.10.2016
The Ducks are struggling early on but they only played one home game so far in the season. And considering that they were always dangerous on home ice we wouldn't be surprised if they managed to defeat the Preds. Especially wanting some revenge after last season's playoff exit we will tip Anaheim to win!
Result: Ducks won 6-1!

St. Louis Blues vs Calgary: 25.10.2016
The Blues are very strong at home usually being able to dominate every opponent. We do think that they will manage to defeat the Flames and get the two points. The Flames played last night , have gone into a shootout and must be tired. This is why ST. Louis should easily prevail here!
Result: Flames won 4-1

Chicago vs Toronto Maple Leafs: 23.10.2016
The Leafs played the other night and are surely not as rested as the Blackhawks. We are relying on Toews and Kane to carry their team to a home win. Will probably be a very entertaining high scoring game with the hosts winning!
Result: Chicago won 5-4!

Dallas vs Columbus: 22.10.2016
Dallas always were a force at home while the Blue Jackets had difficulties finding consistency on the road. We assume that the Stars can control the pace of the game and impose themselves. Dallas should come away with the win especially considering that they are well rested in comparison with their opponents who played the other night!
Result: Columbus won 3-0!

Flyers vs Anaheim Ducks: 21.10.2016
The Ducks haven't won any game so far in the season playing only on the road. This is their last game on this trip and we expect them to at least earn a point. They should clinch the away win. Most probably under 5.5 goals!
Result: Ducks won 3-2!

Chicago Blackhawks vs Philadelphia Flyers : 19.10.2016
The Blackhawks haven't started the season so well but at home against the Flyers , they should be able to clinch the win. We do expect a very high scoring game with the home favorites to get the win!
Result: Chicago won 7-4!

Detroit vs Ottawa: 18.10.2016
The RedWings haven't managed to win so far in the season but now on their home ice , will want to change that negative trend. So we do expect them to start strong and easily defeat Ottawa. Although the Sens played very good hockey in their first couple of games, they should lose tonight!
Result: Detroit won 5-1!

Columbus vs San Jose Sharks: 16.10.2016
Columbus can produce good results but they are not consistent enough at home. The Sharks were one of the best teams on the road last season and we expect them to continue that trend. They have started the season on a positive note and we predict a win for them tonight!
Result: Sharks won 3-2!

Ottawa Senators vs Toronto Maple Leafs:13.10.2016
Great battle between this two Canadian teams. Ottawa are the stronger side and considering that they are very tough at home it's very likely that they will earn the win. It will be a tight match though considering that it's the season debut. So we expect a high scoring game with the Sens to prevail!
Result: Ottawa won 5-4!

San Jose Sharks vs Pittsburgh Penguins:13.6.2016
The Pens are leading the series 3-2 and won't be happy if it goes to a decisive Game 7. So considering that they are a very good road team we expect them to get it together and get the away win. They would clinch the Stanley Cup with a victory in San Jose.
Result: Penguins won it 3-1!

San Jose Sharks vs Pittsburgh Penguins:7.6.2016
The Sharks won the very important third game and with another home win they can get level in this series. But the Penguins learned their lesson from their previous loss and do possess a great chance to grab the home win! Penguins to win!
Result: Pens won 3-1!

Pittsburgh vs San Jose: 2.6.2016
The Penguins are leading 1-0 in this series and should be capable of clinching the second win at home. To go up 2-0 will be a huge advantage towards taking the Stanley Cup. Its probably going to be a close game that the Penguins will eventually win!
Result: Pens won it 2-1!

Pittsburgh vs Tampa Bay: 27.5.2016
The decisive Game 7 is on tonight. The team who wins will meet the Sharks in the Finals. The Penguins won Game 6 away and have the momentum here especially by playing at home. So we expect Crosby and Malkin to prevail in this encounter.
Result: Penguins won it 2-1!

Tampa Bay vs Pittsburgh: 25.5. 2016
Pittsburgh is down 3-2 in the series. One more loss and they will be eliminated. So Crosby and Malkin won't let that happen as they will most likely lead their team to a road victory. So we expect Pittsburgh to force a decisive Game 7.
Result:Pittsburgh won 5-2!

Sharks vs Blues: 22.5.2016
The Sharks are leading the series 2-1 and look to be slight favorites to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals. But we think that the Blues have a realistic chance of winning Game 4. If they fail to do it they will most probably lose this series!
Result: Blues won 6-3!

Tampa Bay vs Pittsburgh:19.5.2016
The series is tied at one a piece. The Penguins are the better team as they are on a great run so we consider them favorites to advance to the Stanley Cup Final. That's why our prediction is that they will manage to earn the road win tonight against the Bolts.
Result :
Pens won it 4-2!

Blues vs Sharks : 18.5.2016
The Blues have a 1-0 series lead and will be looking to extend that margin. It will be a very tight game as the Sharks are one of the best road teams out there. Nevertheless we tip the home team to get the win! Blues to prevail and most probably under 5 goals to be scored.
Result: Sharks won 4-0!

Pittsburgh vs Tampa Bay: 17.5.2016
The Penguins should be favorites to win this game especially after knocking out the top seeds , Washington Capitals. It will be a close game that the home team will manage to win. 
Result: Penguins won 3-2!

St. Louis Blues vs San Jose Sharks: 15.5.2016
First game of the Western Conference Finals . The Sharks are a great road team but the Blues must feel extremely comfortable after ousting the Dallas Stars. It will certainly be a close game where we expect the home team to have the edge and get the victory.
Result: Blues won 2-1!

Pittsburgh vs Tampa Bay: 14.5.2016
The Bolts have been the most impressive team so far in the playoffs. It wouldn't be a surprise if they managed to get the Game 1 win and take a right step towards the Stanley Cup Final!
Tampa Bay won it 3-1!

San Jose vs Nashville: 13.5.2016
The series is tied at 3 and this game will decide who will head to the Conference Finals. The Sharks are favorites to prevail because they play at home and possess more experience than their opponents. So, we fancy San Jose to earn the win!
Result: Sharks won it 5-0!

Dallas vs Blues: 12.5.2016
The Stars came from the brink to force a decisive game 7. They'll play it at home and that's why they need to be considered favorites.But the Blues have the better individual players...we expect this to be a high scoring game....Total Goals over 5!
Result: Blues won it 6-1!

Pittsburgh vs Washington: 11.5.2016
The Penguins are trying to close this series at home as they have a 3-2 lead. Washington will look to extend their playoff run by forcing a game 7 on home ice. But we think that the Penguins will clinch this win and the series success.
Result: 4-3

Nashville vs San Jose: 10.5.2016
Nashville need to win here to force a Game 7 and this is exactly what they did in the first round against the Ducks. We predict a home successs for the Preds.
Nashville won 4-3!

St.Louis Blues vs Dallas Stars: 10.5.2016
The Blues will look to close the series at home and advance to the Conference Finals. If they lose Game 6 , they will need to play the decisive match in Dallas. They will try to avoid that so we bet on them to win tonight!
Result: Stars won 3-2

NY Islanders vs Tampa Bay: 7.5.2016
The Islanders will look to even the series but the Bolts have been the more impressive team so far. Offensively they are clicking and might still this road win to go up 3-1. Regardless of what happens tonight we predict that the Bolts will advance to the Finals.
Result: Tampa Bay got the away win!

Nashville vs San Jose : 5.5.2016
The Sharks are already 2-1 up in the series and the Preds will look to draw even. It's not going to happen in our view as the Sharks are one of the best away teams! We expect San Jose to steal the road victory and take a commanding lead! But this is surely going to be a very close game most probably decided by one goal.
Result: Predators won it in triple overtime!

Tampa Bay vs NY Isles: 1.5.2016
The Bolts need the win after losing the opening game. They are the better and should go on to even this series at 1 game a piece. So , we have very decent odds for Tampa Bay to clinch the victory on home ice!
Result: Tampa Bay got the win!

San Jose vs Nashville: 30.4.2016
The Sharks were very dominant against the Kings and although Nashville showed alot of poise on the road , we regard San Jose with the first chance of clinching the win! They should go on to move to the Conference Finals!
Result: Sharks won 5-2

Washington vs Pittsburgh:29.4.2016
This is the first game of the semifinals and what a matchup this is shaping to be! Washington had the best record in the regular season while the Pens were scorching hot to enter the playoffs. So, who will prevails...Ovechkin or Crosby? Subscribe to the NHL Playoffs and get our predictions!
Result :
Washington won 4-3
Chicago vs Blues: 26.4. 2016
Here we go's the decisive Game 7.  Chicago came from 3-1 down to even the series so the momentum is with them. That's why although they are playing on the road we regard them as favorites. Blackhawks to defeat the Blues and move to the 2nd round!
Result: Blues won 3-2

Chicago vs Blues:24.4.2016
The defending champions are 3-2 down. Every game is a final for them. They need this home win to push the series to a game 7. That's why we are confident that their experience will guide them to victory!
Results: Chicago won 6-3...we have a game 7!

LA Kings vs San Jose Sharks:23.4.2016
The Kings need this victory in order to extend the series. They are 3-1 down and must get on a 3 game winning streak if they want to move to the next round. But the Sharks are extremely dangerous on the road. What we're searching for here is the total goals line. There should be over 5 goals in this game!
Results: Sharks won 6-3

Nashville vs Anaheim : 22.4.2016
At least the Ducks got on the board. They cut the deficit to one game and will be looking to tie the series with another road win. We tip them to have the first chance although they are playing in a hostile building. Anaheim's talent and deep roster should allow them to get the W.

Nashville vs Anaheim : 20.4.2016
The Ducks have no excuses this time...they need this road win to stay in the series. From 3-0 down , there's no way back. So we expect them to play harder and cut the deficit.
Result: Ducks won 3-0

Minnesota vs Dallas : 19.4.2016
After going 2-0 down the Minnesota Wild will be looking for winning their first game of the series and most probably will manage to do just that . We may see a high scoring game considering how explosive Dallas is! Minnesota to win!
Results: Minnesota won 5-3

Detroit vs Tampa: 18.4.2016
After going 2-0 down , the RedWings can't afford to lose a third straight game. At home they are very reliable so we expect them to cut the deficit to one game. Detroit to earn the home victory!
Result: Detroit won 2-0!

Anaheim vs Nashville:18.4.2016
The Ducks need to find a way to figure out Rinne! They can't afford to go 2-0 down in the series so they will be much more focused on execution and given their home prowess , they will earn the win and tie the series!
Result: Nashville won 3-2!

St. Louis vs Chicago: 16.4.2016
The Blues needed overtime to win their first game so they are in a good position here. Chicago can't afford to go 2-0 down in this series so we expect them to put up a very spirited fight and manage to get the road win.
Result : Chicago won 3-2!

Dallas vs Wild: 15.4.2016
Dallas has some injury issues but a they are very reliable at home and should be able to get the first win of the series. We expect them to find their scoring touch and earn the win. The Wild defend well but don't really matchup well against the Stars so they'll lose!
Results: Dallas won 4-0!

Pittsburgh vs NY Rangers : 14.4.2016
Pittsburgh were one of the hottest team going into the playoffs and they will start this series as favorites. We expect them to gain the victory on home ice.
Result: Penguins won 5-2!

Washington vs Ducks : 11.04.2016
The Ducks need this away victory to clinch the Division title and avoid the Sharks as their first round opponents. Since Washington will rest its players , the Ducks should go on to win this game!
Anaheim won 2-0!

Colorado vs Ducks : 10.4.2016
The Ducks will try to win another Division title and they can manage that with a road they are pretty motivated to get this done...we expect a high scoring game with Anaheim winning.
Ducks won 5-3

Kings vs Jets:10.4.2016
The LA Kings will try to stay ahead of the Anaheim Ducks in their division so a win here will aid their cause. This is why we predict a win for the home team!
Result : Jets won in a SO.

Detroit vs Flyers :7.4.2016
The Detroit RedWings playing at home have the experience in this clutch games to keep their composure and get the crucial win against the Flyers that will see them through to the playoffs!Detroit to win and most probably a low scoring game with under 5.5 !
Result: Detroit won 3-0!

Nashville vs Colorado 6.4.2016
Nashville will be in the playoffs while the Avs have very slim chances to get there but this is their last chance. Maybe the Predators will win but we think that Colorado will keep this game close and won't lose by more than one goal!
Result: Nashville won 4-3!

Ducks vs Stars: 4.4.2016
Both teams will be present in the post season. Dallas has the better record upto this points but Anaheim will be looking to win the home game and gain some ground on them. It will be a low scoring game , under 5.5 goals , with the Ducks eventually ending as winners.
Results: Ducks won 3-1!

Jets vs Wild: 3.4.2016
The Wild would pretty much secure a playoff birth with a win tonight so we can't imagine them not taking advantage of this huge opportunity. The Jets have been in a slump recently and their season is we pick Minnesota here.
Results: Jets won!

Philadelphia vs Ottawa: 2.4.2016
The Flyers are desperate on the final stretch. Any other result than a win will be a tragedy. Ottawa's season is practically over..they'll just try to play it out. So go for the Flyers to get the two points at home!
Result: Flyers won 3-2!

Ducks vs Vancouver : 2.4.2016
Anaheim will be playing for a win here because they want to overtake the Kings atop of the division. So most likely they will win this one easily.Vancouver just won away at San Jose and from the look of things , this game will feature alot of goals. So look for over 5 goals tonight!
Result: 5 goals , Vancouver 3-2 

Minnesota vs Ottawa: 1 .4.2016
The Wild currently hold the last playoff spot in the West so they have everything to play for against Ottawa. They are on a good streak and i can't imagine the Senators to pull off a surprise here. Minnesota to win!
Result: Ottawa won 3-2!

Anaheim vs Calgary:31.3.2016
The Ducks are warming up for the postseason and after a lengthy road trip they are back home to face the Flames. Anaheim will win because they look to get the Division lead!
Result : Ducks won 8-3!

Vancouver vs San Jose Sharks 31.3.2016
San Jose have a great road record and shouldn't have any problems to get the two points . The Canucks don't have any playoff hopes so they won't possess the incentive to play as hard as the Sharks. Sharks to win!
Result: Sharks won 4-1

Montreal vs Detroit: 30.3.2016
Detroit is in the midst of a ferocious fight for a wild card spot. Although they are not the best road team , they desperately need all the points here and Montreal who have no chance of reaching the postseason will probably not be able to stop them! Detroit to earn the important victory!
Result : 4-3 Montreal

Flyers vs Jets: 29.3.2016
This would be a huge upset if the Flyers didn’t win…they hold the final wild card spot are equal on points with Detroit and need this victory. Philadelphia to gain the win!
Result : Flyers won it 3-2!

Vancouver vs Chicago:29.3.2016
Chicago has won it's last away game while the Canucks only found success twice in their last 10 tries. Their season is over. That's why we predict a win for the Blackhawks!
Results: Chicago won 3-2!

Toronto vs Boston: 27.3.2016
The Bruins are on a negative streak right now but they are a fantastic road team and will look for all three points in Toronto as they try to consolidate their playoff position.
Result: Bruins won 3-1!

St. Louis vs Vancouver :26.3.2016
This should be straight forward. The Blues can't possibly lose this game as they are rock solid at home...they could even win by 2 or more goals!
Result : Blues 4-0!

Minnesota vs Calgary:25.3.2016
The Wild are much more motivated to get a positive result because they are deep into a playoff fight. We can't see them not winning here!
Wild won 6-2

Toronto vs Anaheim : 25.3.2016
Playoffs are coming closer...the Leafs are dead last with the season practically over for them. So, the Ducks will be the favorites here to clinch the road win as they are fighting for the Division title!
Result:Leafs won 6-5 in OT

Ottawa vs Washington: 23.3.2016
Ottawa is pretty much outta the playoff race while Washington are the best team in the regular look for the Capitals to clinch the win here...we should also see some goals tonight as both teams are offensive!
Results: Washington won 4-2!

Carolina vs Sabres: 23.3.2016
The Canes still have a remote chance of making the playoffs but they really need to be flawless til the end of the all has to start with a home win against the Sabres. Given the urgency we predict a Carolina victory!
Result: Sabres score twice in the final 3 mins to win it 3-2!

Winnipeg vs Ducks: 21.3.2016
The Jets lost at home the other night badly...they were blanked by Chicago 4-0. The Ducks will not be an easier opponent as they strive to improve their playoff position...Anaheim to get the win!
Result: Ducks prevailed 3-2!

LA Kings vs Boston: 20.3.2016
The Bruins just lost against the Ducks and now continue their road trip in California. The Kings are well rested and should be an even more difficult task for Boston. We predict that LA will protect home ice and clinch the victory.

Result: Kings won 2-1!

Anaheim vs Boston :19.3.2016
Anaheim will be looking for a good result as they were beaten in their previous game by the Rangers. Boston are good away but they shouldn't be able to match the Ducks' offensive prowess. Anaheim to win!
Result : Anaheim won 4-0!

Edmonton vs Vancouver: 19.3.2016
Do the Oilers have any postseason hopes anymore? Not really! ...The Canucks have some slim chances to reach the playoffs but they need to start winning right away. So considering that Vancouver is better on the road than at home we predict that they will win tonight!

LA Kings vs Rangers:18.3.2016
The Rangers just defeated the Ducks the other night in a very close encounter. Playing on back to backs it's going to be difficult for them to also defeat the Kings. So we predict that LA will earn the victory on home ice!
Result: LA Kings won 4-3!

Vancouver vs Colorado : 17.3.2016
Colorado has a very decent road record and should be determined enough to win in Vancouver especially considering the Canucks' poor home record. The Avs will look to get that wild card spot so this game is very important for them!
Result : Colorado won 3-1!

Anaheim vs New Jersey : 15.3.2016
Anaheim's streak got to an end and i'm sure they will start a new one tonight. The Devils will have no chance against the home side's offensive prowess!

Result: Anaheim won 7-1!



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