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This section is dedicated to all the NBA fans! We are going to cover every team, providing game previews and highlights , focusing on team and individual stats which is all meant to help you place the right bets.

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NBA Playoffs:
New Orleans  Pelicans vs Portland Trail Blazers: 20.4.2018
The Pelicans are up 2-0 in the series as they won both games on the Blazers' court. Now they are looking to go 3-0 up with a home win. The Pelicans were very dominant so far in the series and most probably they will sweep Portland. So we are thinking that they will win by double digits as Davis will be unstoppable.
Results: Pelicans easily won!

NBA Season 2017-2018

LA Lakers vs Milwaukee Bucks : 31.3.2018
This is only an important game for the Bucks as the Lakers are outta the playoff race. This is why we think that the Bucks have the first chance to earn the victory. We should have a pretty high scoring game where Milwaukee should impose themselves. They possess more individual quality and will earn the road victory!

New Orleans vs Washington: 10.3.2018
The Pelicans are missing A. Davis and without him it should be almost impossible for them to prevail. So we expect the Wizards to obtain the road win and dent the Pels playoff chances. Great odds on Washington to get the win. So New Orleans are in great form but without AD they lose their most important weapon...Wizards for the road victory!
Result: Washington easily won!

Portland vs OKC: 4.3.2018
Both teams are having about the same record and are fighting for a playoff spot. We do consider OKC for being the better squad as they do have the better individual players. On the other hand the Blazers are very tough to defeat at home but we think that Westbrook will manage to lead Oklahoma to a road win!

New Orleans vs Miami Heat: 24.2.2018
This is their first game after the All Star Break . It's very important for both teams to get the victory in order to stay in the playoff hunt. Since the Pelicans are playing at home we do believe that they have the first chance to win. It will be a close and high scoring game where the home team will get the victory. So New Orleans to win the game!
Result: New Orleans won in OT

Indiana vs Washington: 5.2.2018
This should be a very close game where the visitors are favorites. We would therefor grant Indiana the first chance. Consifering that they play against their rivals the atmosphere will be great and untill then we pickeup i olates

New Orleans vs LA Clippers: 28.01.2018
This should be a very interesting game between two teams that are trying to get into the playoffs. The Pelicans are on 4 game winning streak as they will look to increase it. LA have more experience but they are dealing with injuries and will find it tough to overcome their western conference rivals. So we expect New Orleans which will be led by Davis to get the home floor victory !

Utah Jazz vs LA Clippers: 21.1.2018
This are two teams that are fighting for a playoff birth. The Clippers are in great shape as they did win their last 5 games. The Jazz are very difficult to defeat at home in Salt Lake City but they should have problems against the surging Clippers. So we will take Rivers' team for the win tonight as LA should increase their winning streak and just keep rolling!

New Orleans vs Dallas : 30.12.2017
New Orleans is very unpredictable as they can win any game but also on a bad day, they can easily be defeated. We do think that Dallas can overcome the Pelicans.
They do have enough talent to punish the home team and looking at the odds for a road win, we will take that. So the Mavs to manage to pull off the surprise and defeat New Orleans on their own floor!
Result: Dallas won and got the upset!

Utah Jazz vs Houston Rockets: 9.12.2017
The Rockets after the trade of Chris Paul are one of the most interesting franchises out there. Although it is very difficult to defeat the Jazz on their own floor , we think that Harden will manage to lead his team to get the road win.
In addition to this we believe that the Rockets will be able to score over 110 points against Utah. Very good odds for both of this lines!
Result: Utah vs Rockets : 101-112

Denver vs Memphis: 25.11.2017
This should be an interesting game between two opposite minded teams. The Nuggets are very offensive while the Grizzlies are more defensive minded. But this time we feel that the offensive team will get the upper hand. We assume that the Nuggets will manage to win by double digits as they are very strong on home court. Denver are nevertheless tough to play against at home as every opponent found it difficult playing there!
Result: Denver won 104-92

Oklahoma Thunder vs LA Clippers: 11.11.2017
This will definitely be a very high scoring game. We expect both teams to score over 110 points each. The Thunder will have the upper hand since they are playing at home so we will pick them for the win. Normally as the season will unfold OKC will only get stronger as their new players will get together better and better. So even early on we consider them to be among the best teams in the league. OKC to win!
Result: OKC won!

Utah Jazz vs Toronto Raptors: 4.11.2017
The Jazz are very tough to defeat at home. Not many teams manage to get away with a victory from Salt Lake City. But the Raptors have the players and the individual talent to overcome their challenge. So this should be a very tight low scoring game where the road team should manage to get the better of Utah. Toronto to prevail in this matchup while DeRozan will be their key player!
Result: Toronto managed to win!

Charlotte vs Houston: 28.10.2017
The Rockets are extremely offensive and now even if they have Chris Paul injured they should still have what it takes to overcome Charlotte. Although they are playing on the road we expect Harden to push his team to victory. So, Charlotte might be tough to defeat at home but they won't stand a change against Houston! 
Result: Houston got the road win!

Minnesota vs Utah Jazz : 21.10.2017
This is the first home game for the Wolves as they will face the visiting Jazz. Looking at their lineup , the Wolves have huge potential as it just remains to be seen how quick they can gel as a unit. We believe that Minnesota is the better side and they should defeat Utah in this encounter. Will probably be a low scoring affair with the hosts prevailing!
Result: Wolves won 100-97!

NBA Finals:
Golden State won the NBA Title by defeating the Cavs 4-1!

Game 1:
Golden State is just too good and should be able to open the series with a home win. This will most likely be a high scoring game as both teams are very offensive but the Warriors simply have more firepower with Curry , Thompson and Durant.
Result: Golden State won by double digits!

Cleveland vs Boston: 22.5.2017
Cleveland are the big favorites here especially with Thomas being out. But it's exactly this kind of games that can be very tricky. It will be tough for the Celtics to win but we definitely think that they can keep it close and certainly score over 102 points in this game!
Result: Celtics won 111-108!

Golden State vs San Antonio: 17.5.2017
The Spurs can't possibly win without Leonard. Most likely the Warriors will defeat them by double digits. We are also looking at another interesting line. We should have over 101 points in the first half. In anyway , Curry , Durant and Thompson should prove too strong for San Antonio as they will move to 2-0 in the series!
Result: Golden State won 136-100!

Washington vs Boston: 14.5.2017
The series score is 3-2 in favor of the Celtics. But every home team played great in front of their fans so we do expect more of the same in game 6. With a victory tonight, Washington can force a decisive Game 7. They do have more than enough  skill to be competitive.
Result:Washington won by 1 point!

Washington vs Boston : 8.5.2017
At the moment , the Celtics are leading the Wizards 2-1 in the series. We are confident that Washington will manage to even the series with a home win in Game 4. They should be able to put the pressure back on Boston who will head back home for Game 5. So Wall and his team ought to clinch the home victory tonight!
Result: Washington easily won Game 4!

San Antonio vs Houston: 4.5.2017
After losing Game 1 at home , the Spurs will need to rebound and tie the series. If they go 0-2 down in Houston they will find it very tough to come back. So we do expect them to get even in this one and win their second home game. As Houston don't have a good defense we won't be surprised to see the Spurs scoring over 110 points. So we're picking San Antonio for the home win which will probably be a double digit victory!
Result: 121 - 96 for the Spurs

Boston vs Washington: 30.4.2017
Washington is in good shape but it will be tough to win in Boston. What we're looking for is another line though. Both teams are very offensive so it would be a good idea to bet on the total points line. So we think that we're going to have over 220 total points. Most probably the Celtics will manage to take Game 1!
Result: Celtics won 123-111!

LA Clippers vs Utah Jazz: 30.4.2017
The series is tied at 3 and we have a decisive Game 7 on our hands. The Clippers didn't fare well in this situations before, especially playing at home. But this time Chris Paul seems to be determined to win this game on his own. So we're betting on the hosts to manage and prevail in this match and advance to the next round!
Jazz managed to clinch Game 7!

Washington vs Atlanta: 27.4.2017
With the series tied at 2 and shifting back to Washington we practically have a best of 3 series now. Everyone has won their home games so we can speculate that we're going to see the same trend. So we are picking Washington to defeat the Hawks and take this pivotal Game 5! Wall should be able to lead the Wizards to the second round of the playoffs!
Result: Washington managed to prevail!

Oklahoma Thunder vs Houston Rockets:24.4.2017
The Rockets are 2-1 up but they have lost their previous road game against the Thunder. We do think that they learned from their mistakes and will manage to steal away a win here. Westbrook might play fantastic again but the Rockets have the more balanced team with more individual talent and that's why we believe that they will be successful in this game!
Result: Rockets won 113-109!

Memphis vs San Antonio: 23.4.2017
The Spurs are leading the series 2-1. The way they dominated the first two games we don't see how Memphis can avoid a loss tonight. Memphis however managed to clinch Game 3 but we are confident that the Spurs will make the necessary changes that will lead them to victory tonight! San Antonio to go 3-1 up in the best of seven series!

Cleveland vs Indiana : 18.4.2017
After narrowly win Game 1 , the Cavs will surely try and win this one by a bigger margin. They won't let Indiana stay as close as in the opener. We are prediction a win for LeBron James and his team although Paul George might keep this game interesting. Cleveland can prevail tonight by more than 6 points and take a 2-0 series lead!
Result: Cleveland easily prevailed!

NBA Champions 2016:
Cleveland Cavaliers
NBA Champions

Mark Green:

Number of tips:322
Hit rate: 58.91
Last matches
Won: Boston vs Washington 123-111
Lost: LA Clippers vs Utah Jazz 91-104
Won:Chicago vs Boston 83-105
Won: Boston vs Chicago 102-106
Won:Washington vs Atlanta 114-107
Won:San Antonio vs Cleveland 103-74
Lost:Utah vs New Orleans 108-100
Won: Pacers vs Wizards 98-111
Won: LA Clipper vs Atlanta 99-84
Lost:Denver vs Minnesota 99-112
Won: Orlando vs Indiana 88-98
Lost: Detroit vs New Orleans 118-98
Won: Cleveland vs Wolves 125-97
Won: Washington vs New York 117-101
Lost: Dallas vs Cleveland 104-97
Won:Celtics vs Pistons 113-109
Won:Suns vs Heat 99-90
Lost: Dallas vs Washington 113-105
Won:Detroit vs Indiana 116-121
Won:Chicago vs Charlotte 118-111


Orlando vs Indiana: 9.4.2017
Indiana only have one option..that is to take the road win and secure their playoff spot. As the Magic have nothing to play for this seams to be a very likely result. We are assuming that Indiana will easily triumph here and ensure a postseason birth. Good odds for this likely victory!
Result: The Pacers easily won!

Boston vs Cleveland: 6.4.2017
What an interesting game this will be. Whoever takes this match has a great chance of winning the Eastern Conference. This is why we have a very important game ahead. In such cases experience is a great asset. And if you have King James in your lineup, you're good to go. That's why we would bet on the Cavs to manage and steal this road win!
Result:Cleveland easily won the away game!

Milwaukee vs Detroit: 1.4.2017
The teams are going in different directions. Detroit have lost 4 outta 5 while the Bucks have won 4 games over the same span. But given the importance of this match, the Bucks may win it but surely can Detroit keep this one close. We think they will cover the spread. So , Detroit not to lose by more than 10 points!
Result: Detroit covered the spread! They only lost in OT by 3 pts

Houston vs Oklahoma City: 26.3.2017
Both teams are in good shape and are heading to the playoffs. The Rockets do possess the much better team though. Harden is playing exceptionally and his supporting cast is a lot better than Westbrook's. So we will have a high scoring game where the Rockets should impose themselves!
Result: Houston got the home win!

Sacramento vs Milwaukee:23.3.2017
The Bucks have just defeated the Blazers and will be looking forward to end this road trip with a win over the lowly Kings. Milwaukee ought to be able to get the victory and improve their playoff position. 
Sacramento have nothing to play for so they won't be motivated enough to challenge the Bucks!
Result: Bucks won 116-98!

Portland vs Milwaukee: 22.3.2017
This is a huge match with playoff implications. Both teams are looking to qualify for the postseason. Portland is on a hot streak right now with Lillard playing outstanding basketball. So we think this will be a close game where the Blazers will impose themselves! But Milwaukee will keep this one close. They shouldn't lose by more than 6 points!
Result: Milwaukee covered the spread!

New Orleans Pelicans vs Minnesota Twolves: 20.3.2017
The Pelicans are making a playoff push , the same can be said about Minnesota. But it's very unlikely that either of this teams will make the postseason. This is a defining game for both though. And with the Pels playing at home, we should treat them as favorites. Davis ought to be able to lead New Orleans to victory!
Result: New Orleans won by double digits!

LA Lakers vs Milwaukee Bucks: 18.3.2017
The Bucks need this win to stay in the playoff race while the Lakers have nothing to play for. So considering this, the Bucks are favorites to get the road win. Added to this , the Lakers are also shorthanded at the moment so normally they should lose this encounter against Milwaukee!
Result: Milwaukee got the road win!

Miami vs New Orleans: 16.3.2017
The New Orleans Pelicans just got a win against Portland last night but now they're facing one of the hottest teams in the league. The Heat are favorites and should be able to win but we think the New Orleans will manage to keep this game close. They shouldn't lose by more than 10 points!
Result: Heat won by 9!

Minnesota vs Washington: 14.3.2017
Washington are the hottest team in the league right now being on a lengthy winning streak. Minnesota are pretty dominant at home as for late defeating some superior teams. But the way the Wizards are playing at the moment, we see it as a great opportunity to place a bet on them. Very intriguing odds for Wall and his team to clinch the win!

Memphis vs LA Clippers: 10.3.2017
Memphis is very strong at home having a very solid defense. But the Clippers being beaten by the Wolves the other night will try to avenge that poor performance. So we would pick LA to get the much needed road victory. Great odds for Chris Paul's team to get the W!
Result: The Clippers got the road win!

Denver vs Sacramento: 7.3.2017
This shouldn't be such a blowout game as people might think. Although the Kings traded Cousins they still are good enough to keep the game pretty close. So we're picking the Kings not to lose by more than 13 points and cover the spread! They still have some talented players that can create chances!
Result: The Kings covered the spread!

Atlanta vs Cleveland: 4.3.2017
The Cleveland Cavs have lost a thriller against Boston a few days ago and should avenge that defeat tonight against the Hawks. Normally LeBron James will be able to steer his team back to winning ways although it's always tough to win in Atlanta!
Result:Cleveland won 135-130!

Portland Trail Blazers VS Oklahoma City Thunder 
Portland have lost 4 outta 5 games and aren't in the best possible shape. We do expect the Thunder to get the win behind Westbrook's strong play. OKC has delivered quality games lately managing to clinch 4 victories in a very short span. They will be very tough to beat!
Portland won by 5 pts!

Detroit vs Portland: 1.3.2017
This should be a very high scoring game as the Blazers don't waste any time and take shots early. The Pistons can also run pretty well so the pace will be high. We expect the Pistons to defend their home court and win in a high scoring encounter!
Result: Pistons won 120-113!

Oklahoma vs Utah Jazz: 1.3.2017
The Thunder have been playing very impressive after the All Star Game , winning 3 straight games. The Jazz have been playing solid aswell so this will be a great game. We are picking Utah for the road win though as they have the better defensive team!
Result: Thunder edged the Jazz!

Minnesota vs Dallas: 25.2.2017
Both teams are fighting to get the final playoff spot. Dallas have better chances of succeeding since they have the superior team. So although they are playing away tonight, we regard them as the team to beat. They should be able to come away with the road victory in a probably low scoring game!

Indiana Pacers vs Washington Wizards: 17.2.2017
It's always tough to win on the road in the NBA but this time we're tipping the away side to have the first chance of getting the W. John Wall is just on fire and his team hsa the 3rd best record in the East so they're on a roll. We do predict a Washington win over the Pacers.
Result: Wizards easily prevailed!

 Indiana Pacers vs San Antonio Spurs: 14.2.2017
We would choose yet again to hand the away team the upper hand. After losing last night against the Knicks we are confident that the Spurs won't lose two straight games. So we're picking San Antonio to defeat the Pacers.
Result: The Spurs managed to get the win!

Sacramento vs New Orleans: 13.2.2017
Sacramento are very tough at home but are also pretty unpredictable. So on a bad day they can lose to anyone. New Orleans have the individual quality to overcome the Kings and given the great odds , it is a good opportunity to take a gamble and wager on them!

New York Knicks vs Denver Nuggets: 11.2.2017
The Knicks have won just one game in their passed 6 matches and are struggling at the moment. The Nuggets currently hold the last playoff spot in the Western Conference and a win here on the road will definitely help their cause. So we're picking Denver for the win tonight!
Result: Denver got the road win!

New York Knicks vs LA Clippers: 9.2.2017
It's true that the LA Clippers are struggling without their All Star point guard CP3. But the Knicks are very unpredictable and can't find any rhythm. With Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan in the line up the Clippers can defeat the Knicks. Very good odds for LA and that's why it's worth it to bet on them to clinch the win!
Result: Clippers won 119-115

Coming up:
Boston Celtics vs LA Clippers 6.2.2017
The Celtics are ignited by Thomas' play. He's been outstanding lately and normally the Clippers won't be able to slow him down. Being shorthanded, we are sure that LA will be defeated.
So, we're picking the Celtics for the home win!
Results: Boston easily defeated LA!

Portland vs Dallas: 4.2.2017
Portland aren't in the best possible form right now so we wouldn't be surprised if  the Mavs got the win. A safer bet would be to choose the total points line. So we think that Dallas will be able to score over 100 points in this matchup!
Result:Dallas won 108-104!

Orlando vs Indiana:2.2.2017
The Pacers have won their last 3 games while the Magic encountered some problems lately winning just once in their last 4 matchups. Paul George is playing at his best again and should be able to defeat their opponents. Especially being involved in the trade turmoil , Orlando will have a tough time against Indiana. So we're picking the Pacers to clinch the away victory!
Result: Indiana won 98-88!

Atlanta vs Washington: 28.1.2017
Atlanta is very tough when playing at home but we shouldn't count Washington outta of this one. The way Wall has played for them lately makes us believe that they could deliver the surprise here. Atlanta is unpredictable so a loss isn't so far fetched. Washington will most likely keep this one close, so we're picking them for the W.
Result: Washington won 112-86!

Brooklyn vs Miami:26.1.2017
This two teams are at the bottom of the standings. Since the Heat have gotten some players back from injury we do regard them as the superior team. We think the Whiteside and Dragic will lead Miami to an important road win ! The Nets can't normally get the victory unless Lopez catches an excellent day. We still pick the Heat tonight!
Result: Miami got the win!

New Orleans vs Orlando: 19.1.2017
The Pelicans got their All Star Davis back in their lineup so that should bring them a significant boost. The Magic have improved alot but shouldn't be able to defeat the Pels. We are pretty confident that New Orleans will blow their opponents out!
New Orleans to win!
Result: Pelicans won 118-98!

LA Lakers vs Denver : 18.1.2017
The Lakers aren't going through an optimal period as they have lost 4 outta 5 games. But they should try to end this slump by defeating the Nuggets. Denver comes on a little winning streak but we're confident that LA will manage to impose themselves and finally go back on a positive streak!
Result: Nuggets won by 6

Atlanta vs Milwaukee:15.1.2017  
Atlanta have won 4 outta 5 games while the Bucks clinched three. So this is a game between two teams which are in good form. But because the Hawks are playing on home court we favor them for the win. So Atlanta to clinch the victory!
Result: Hawks won 111-98!

Brooklyn vs New Orleans: 13.1.2017  
The New Orleans Pelicans are a very unpredictable team. So any result is possible. But they must begin and show some consistency. And the Nets might just be the team that will allow them to do that. Led by Anthony Davis , the Pelicans should be able to get the road win!
Result: New Orleans managed to win!

LA Lakers vs Portland: 11.1.2017
Portland got their star point guard back from an injury. So with Lillard in the lineup the Blazers should be able to come away with the road win. The Lakers don't have the experience to hold on to leads so we're assuming they will be defeated tonight. Portland to get the W!
Result: Portland won 108-87!

Minnesota vs Utah Jazz : 8.1.2017
Minnesota didn't show any consistency lately so it's wise to bet against them here. The Jazz are a very well organized team that can manage to clinch the road victory! Led by Hayward they should be able to get the W and move up in the standings and the playoff picture!
Result: Jazz got the narrow road win as expected!

Charlotte vs OKC: 5.1.2017 
Charlotte playing at home is very dangerous. Their starting five can defeat anyone on a good day. They will be looking for a win to climb in the standings. All they need to do is to contain Westbrook who has a fabolous season. If they manage to do that , the victory should be theirs!
Result: Charlotte managed to win!

Miami vs Detroit: 1.1.2017
Miami is very shorthanded as they are playing without alot of starters. This is why we should pick the road team for the win. Detroit is looking better and should be able to get the important victory after a slow start to the season!
Results: Detroit won 107-98!

Minnesota Wolves vs Milwaukee Bucks: 31.12.2016
The Milwaukee Bucks are still being underestimated by the bookmakers. This is a mistake in our view as they are a very solid team. We predict that they will manage to defeat the young and inexperienced Wolves' team. So, the Bucks for the road victory!
Result: Minnesota got the home win!

New Orleans vs Dallas Mavericks: 27.12.2016
The home team is in desperate need of wins. They must get on a winning streak to turn this season around. This is the time to do it. They have to be able to defeat under .500 teams on home floor. So we do expect the Pelicans to get this victory!
Result: New Orleans managed to win!

Indiana vs Boston: 23.12.2016
Indiana isn't very consistent right now. On a good day they can defeat anyone but Boston led by Thomas is stronger at the moment. They defeated Memphis the other night and we regard them as favorites to get the victory here again. So we tip the Celtics to get W.
Result: Boston easily prevailed!

New Orleans vs Oklahoma: 22.12.2016
The Pelicans just won in Philadelphia and we expect them to get on a winning streak. If they can contain Westbrook they should be able to prevail. It will be a pretty high scoring team with Davis probably leading his team to a win! Also the Over Total Points line can be selected analyzing the offensive prowess of both teams!

Sacramento vs Portland: 21.12.2016
This should be a very high scoring game so we could use the Over Total Points line. But also the home team looks pretty strong tonight and have good odds for a win. As the Blazers are struggling away from home we do consider picking up the Kings for the victory!
Result: Kings won 126-121

Denver vs New York : 18.12.2016
Both teams are struggling at the moment. In such situation the home team is usually favorite to break the slump and get the win. We do expect the Nuggets to be able to overcome the Knicks in a pretty high scoring game!
Result: Denver won easily!

Houston vs New Orleans:  17.12.2016 
Houston is very likely to manage and win this game as they are regarded as the clear favorites tonight. But we should be careful because the Pelicans got some players back from the injury list and might put up a fight here. We expect them not to lose by more than 13 points. Pelicans at + 13!
Houston won 122-100!

Portland vs Oklahoma: 14.12.2016
Oklahoma are heavily relying on Westbrook to carry them to wins night in night out. Portland are very tough at home though even if they lost 4 out of their last 5 games. So we are tipping on the Blazers to clinch the victory tonight in a pretty high scoring game!
Result: Portland won 114-95!

Minnesota vs Detroit: 10.12.2016
Great form displayed by Detroit as of late. They should keep this up and get the road win against the Wolves. So we expect them to easily dominate the game and come away with the victory against the unexperienced Minnesota team!
Result: Pistons got the win!

Memphis vs Portland: 9.12.2016 
Both teams are struggling a bit right now. Portland show weak form and the Grizzlies are very shorthanded. In this case we would incline to predict a win for the road team though. The Blazers have the quality to earn a positive result in Memphis!
Memphis won 88-86!

Toronto vs Cleveland: 6.12.2016
What a matchup will be having tonight. Cleveland lost a few games lately but they still are the best team in the East. But the Raptors will be very tough to beat. Regardless of this fact we still fancy Cleveland to get the road win!
Result: Cleveland got the win!

Memphis vs LA Lakers: 4.12.2016
Memphis has to deal with a lot of injuries and will find it very difficult to get wins. If Conley and Randolph will still be out then the Lakers have a great chance to get the win! So we are picking LA to earn the important road win based on the Grizzlies being shorthanded! The Lakers should in any way manage to score over 97 points.
Result: Lakers scored 100 points!

New York Knicks vs Minnesota: 3.12.2016
Two very unpredictable teams. But since New York is playing at home we like their chances to get the win. They have alot of potential with Melo and Rose in their lineup. Even if Wigging and Towns are having their best seasons for the Wolves, we would still pick the Knicks for the win!
Result: The Knicks got the win!

Memphis vs Orlando: 2.12.2016
Memphis have alot of injuries to deal with but are incredible resilient. This will most definitely be a very low scoring game where whoever will win , will do it by a small margin. And, because they are playing at home , we will pick the Grizzlies for the victory tonight!
Result: Memphis won!

Philadelphia vs Sacramento: 1.12.2016
The Sacramento Kings are finding some decent offensive rhythm so we anticipate a win for them tonight. They are the much better individual team and should be able to overcome their opponents:
Game was postponed!

Miami vs Boston: 29.11.2016
The Heat aren't in a good shape. Because of the injuries and trades they couldn't find any rhythm so far. Boston is an offensive explosive team so they should normally be able to dominate the game. That's why we would pick them for the road win!
Result: Boston easily got the win!

Milwaukee vs Toronto: 26.11.2016
Milwaukee isn't that dominant at home and the Raptors have enough quality in their lineup to clinch the win. We expect Toronto to be led by DeRozan and manage to get the road victory!. Will be close but the Bucks shouldn't be able to keep pace with the visitors!
Results: Toronto went on to win!
Philadelphia vs Memphis: 24.11.2016
Memphis recent form is incredible considering the problems they had early in the season. So although the Sixers are playing better, they shouldn't be able to withstand the Grizzlies pressure. Memphis to win!
Results : Memphis won 104-99!

Atlanta vs New Orleans  23.11.2016
Atlanta is very strong at home but the Pelicans are in resurgent form. So we are pretty confident that the Pelicans will cover the spread. That means that New Orleans won't lose by more than 9 points!
Result: New Orleans won 94-112!

Denver Nuggets vs Chicago Bulls: 23.11.2016
The Nuggets are offensively pretty strong but the Bulls have the better defense and we feel that ultimately Chicago will have the upper hand. A road win is very likely as Butler is on fire and might leads his team to success!
Result: Denver won 110-107!

Denver Nuggets vs Toronto Raptors : 19.11.2016
The Nuggets are an unpredictable team and it's always tough to bet on them but considering that Toronto is in great form , being one of the top teams in the East , we suggest to pick the Raptors for the road win!
Toronto won 113-111!

Houston vs Portland: 18.11.2016
Houston just lost a thriller in Oklahoma the other night and will want to make up for that. Portland is missing Aminu but they do have Lilliard who's in scintillating form. But we do expect the Rockets to prevail in a very high scoring game!
Result: Houston rolled to victory!

Minnesota vs Charlotte: 16.11.2016
Minnesota is very unpredictable. They have a young core which is capable of any result. But since the Hornets have played so consistent lately , we would pick them for the win. It's going to be tough but we assume that a road win is possible! 

Miami vs Utah : 12.11.2016
Miami can't defeat Utah especially playing without Dragic. So it's a very good opportunity to go with the Jazz. Very decent odds for what seems to be an easy victory!
Result: Utah easily won!
Phoenix Suns vs Detroit Pistons: 10.11.2016
The Suns are not really playing on all cylinders but at home are pretty tough to defeat. They just played the other night and lost and that's why we think they'll look for some revenge and try and earn the home win. So our prediction is that they will be able to overcome the Pistons!
Result: Suns won 107-100!

Sacramento vs New Orleans Pels : 9.11.2016
Sacramento will have no problems to get the home victory as the Pelicans are winless so far in the season and will surely remain that way. They are too shorthanded to be able and trouble the Kings. So we do expect Sacramento to gain the victory rather easily!

Washington vs Houston: 8.11.2016
The Rockets are extremely talented offensively. They lack any defensive intensity and discipline but can overcome that by their individual talent. So although Washington is a very strong home team we expect Harden and his Rockets to manage and get the road win!
Result: Houston got the win!

Dallas Mavs vs Milwaukee Bucks:
The Mavericks are winless so far in the season and it's about time that they will finally get off the mark. They do have to deal with a few injuries but the Bucks can be defeated. We do predict a win for Dallas in a pretty close game!
Result: Mavs won in OT!

New Orleans Pelicans vs Phoenix Suns: 5.11.2016
The New Orleans Pels are off to a dreadful start. They lost 5 straight games and we think this streak will continue. The Suns have some confidence going with a win against the Blazzers so we expect them to get another road win tonight!
Result: Phoenix won 112-111!

Minnesota vs Denver: 4.11.2016
The Wolves have very high potential considering the young core they have available. Denver are athletic and young aswell but they won't be able to compete with Minnesota. So we expect the Wolves to get the home victory!
Result:Denver won!

Utah Jazz vs Dallas Mavs: 
The Jazz have acquired some very important players that made them a very tough team to beat. This is why we expect them to be very good this season and be able to defeat the Mavs tonight rather easily!
Result: Jazz won 97-81!

Minnesota vs Grizzlies: 2.11.2016
The Wolves have the much more talented team and playing at home should be an advantage for them. Memphis is a gritty team making life hard for everyone but in this case the young Minnesota players ought to be able to get the victory!
Result: Wolves won 116-80!

Memphis vs Washington: 31.10.2016
Memphis lost some players and they'll have problems reaching the postseason but at home they will always be difficult to defeat. We have great odds for the Grizzlies to get the home victory. And as Washington isn't a force on the road we advise to bet on Memphis.
Result: Memphis won 112-103

Dallas vs Houston: 29.10.2016
What a Texas encounter. Both teams lost their opening matches but we do regard Houston to be the better team. Individually they are superior to the Mavs so we think that they have what it takes to get the road win. So the Rockets to prevail in this one!
Result: Rockets won 106 -98!

Indiana Pacers vs Dallas Mavs: 27.10.2016
This is the season opener for both teams so we will look towards a pretty tight game. We do regard the Pacers as the better team so normally they shouldn't face huge issues in defeating the Mavs but everything is possible so early on. Our tip: Pacers to win!
Result: Pacers won 130-121

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