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Professional Betting Advice
Three questions , One goal!

Who are you ?

An enthusiastic sports fan looking to turn your passion into cash.
An experienced punter ready to obtain the latest inside informations.

A sports consumer , maybe  skeptic at the start but waiting to be proved wrong by finding a strategy which enables constant profit.

Who are we ?

The sportsleader staff is a group of professional bettors, analysts, statisticians and sports researchers , sharing the same passion that you do , who have developed a consistent strategy and success system with the ultimate goal of providing the right betting solution to our customers , ranging from the individual sports fanatic to companies and even bookmakers.

Why choose us ?

Guaranteed profit , success rate of over 60%.Wide coverage of all major sports .Various packages tailored to your needs. We offer individual solutions based on your goals and budget.

 Vast database established after our methodical sports research.

24/7 customer support! Easy , fast and secure payment methods . Paypal , credit card, bank transfer.Wide variety of betting options : singles, doubles, trebles, accumulators, live tipping , free bets and custom packages and subscription possibilities.

Our solution

In one word…we offer you Knowledge.
Useful information meant to help our customers meet their goals!

Think of us as your team where you act as a coach and need to decide which players to choose to get the best results!

Invest smart because betting is art.
Choose your tipster below!

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