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Welcome to our football zone! This is where we provide our Football Betting Tips covering all major competitions from around the globe.
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Italian League:
Fiorentina vs Lazio: 18.4.2018
This should be a very interesting game where both teams will be looking for the three points. Lazio is a bit under more pressure so they will need the win more than Fiorentina. All in all we think we will have a very high scoring game as both teams are very offensive. We tip on Lazio to get the road win!
Result: Lazio won 4-3!

Italian League:
Juventus vs Milan:31.3.2018
This is a very significant game for both teams . Juventus can extend their lead in the table while Milan are playing catch up. Considering the Juventus will play against Real in the upcoming week in the Champions League, they will not play their best eleven. But even like this they should defeat Milan and both teams will score.
Result: Juventus won 3-1!

German League:
Hertha vs Freiburg: 10.3.2018
This should definitely be a low scoring game as we are expecting Freiburg to be very good defensively. So we should have a game where both teams won't score.
More than that it's very likely that Freiburg will earn at least a point in Berlin as they are a very uncomfortable team to play against! So pretty interesting game to bet on!
Result: Game ended 0-0!

Gladbach vs Bremen:2.3.2018
This should definitely be a very interesting game. We are assuming that both teams will display an attacking style where most probably both will find the back of the net. So we are betting on a game with a lot of goals where the line with both teams scoring is very interesting. We should be having over 3.5 goals in this one!
Result: Game ended 2-2!

Football Tips and Predictions
Premier League:
Leicester vs Stoke:24.2.2018
Stoke are in the bottom half of the standings and are desperate for points but it will be very tough for them to get away with points. Leicester have been in good form and have gathered 4 points out of their last possible 6. We feel that they have enough skill to manage and get all three points. So we will take Leicester in this one as they have decent odds!

Liverpool vs Tottenham: 4.2.2018
Liverpool are two points ahead of the Spurs and will look to at least consolidate their position. Klopp's team are in fine form and we don't believe that Tottenham can get more that a point. we should have a high scoring game so we do expect both teams to score.
Results : The game finished in a draw!

Spanish League:
Valencia vs Real Madrid: 28.01.2018
Real Madrid aren't going through their best period as they are way back of the league leaders Barcelona. But they still are the team to beat and on a normal day they can easily defeat anyone. So even if Valencia are playing at home and are in fine form they won't stand a chance against the visitors. So we expect a high scoring game where Real Madrid will get the victory!

Serie A:
Bologna vs Benevento : 21.1.2018
Benevento has been the weakest team so far in the season but they did manage to win their last couple of matches. Bologna are pretty tough at home though and they can't be underestimated by anyone. We feel that they do have very good chances to defeat the visiting team and get back to winning ways. So Bologna to get all three points on this matchday!
Result: Bologna easily prevailed!

Serie A:
Crotone vs Napoli: 29.12.2017
Crotone didn't play bad lately but they have no chance against Napoli who are the league leaders. Napoli will surely win and not only that but we feel that they will manage to get the victory while not conceding any goals. So we would bet on Napoli to prevail and keep a clean sheet!
Result: Napoli won 1-0!

Premier League:
Swansea vs Crystal Palace: 23.12.2017
Swansea is still at the bottom of the league so they are desperate for points. However they have won just once in their last 5 games whereas Palace have been on a positive streak not losing any of their last 6 games. But we feel that Swansea will want to end the year with a win and will manage to get all the three points in this crucial Xmas clash!
Result: Swansea drew 1-1!

French League:
Nice vs Bordeaux: 17.12.2017
This will be a very tight game where anything can happen. But we got to go with the flow. Bordeaux have struggled lately not being able to pick up too many points. In the meantime, Nice have won their last three straight games so they are on a little high right now.
That's why we will pick Nice to get the 3 points today!
Result: Nice managed to win!

Italian League:
Cagliari vs Sampdoria: 9.12.2017
Cagliari isn't a team that's very efficient at home while Sampdoria have gathered alot of points lately. We are assuming that Doria will want to avenge their last loss at home to Lazio and will go all out here and try to win this game. Sampdoria will surely not lose tonight and most probably come away with all three points. Cagliari won't be able to match their opponents quality!
Result: The game ended in a draw!

Freiburg vs Hamburg: 1.12.2017
Interesting match between two very struggling teams. They both won their last match but their form isn't acceptable. Freiburg are 2 points behind HSV and a win here would put them ahead of their rivals and get them out of the provisional relegation zone. So this is a huge game for both teams. Freiburg is the younger team and don't have enough experience but we will pick them for the victory tonight!
Result: 0-0

Spanish League:
Sevilla vs Celta Vigo : 18.11.2017
Both teams are pretty offensive so we wouldn't be surprised to watch a high scoring game. Celta is dangerous over the counterattack but Sevilla is too strong at home. With a victory they can pile up the pressure on Villarreal and Atletico in front of them. So we pick Sevilla for the home win in what promises to be an entertaining match!
Result: Sevilla won!

French League:
Montpellier vs Amiens: 4.11.2017
We expect this to be a close game where it's very unlikely that both teams will score. The defense of both teams is pretty strong and we expect this to be a low scoring game. Montpellier playing at home should be able to dominate the game though and it's a good bet to pick them to get all three points aswell. So an interesting matchup with the hosts being favorites.
Result: 1-1 !

Spanish League:
Celta Vigo vs Atletico Madrid: 22.10.2017
We will seldom have a high scoring game when Atletico's playing. Celta are playing very decent at home but we don't think they have a change against Simeone's side. We are tipping Atletico to win this encounter where most probably we won't see more than 3 goals. Another good line is both teams not scoring!
Result: Celta 0-1 Atletico!

Serie A:
Bologna vs Spal: 15.10.2017
Spal are newly promoted and have struggled so far as they are winless in their last 6 encounters. Bologna have managed to win two games in a row and seem to be in a decent form. Considering that they are also difficult to play against away , we are picking the hosts to win. So Bologna to manage and overcome Spal to get all the points in this  matchup!
Results: Bologna vs Spal 2-1

World Cup qualification:
Denmark vs Romania : 8.10.2017
Romania have bowed out of the qualification race while Denmark still are trying to consolidate their second place. So Denmark have alot more to play for than Romania in this match which is actually the last encounter for both teams in this group. Although nothing speaks for it , we are tipping Romania not to lose today. Very good odds for the away team to get at least a point!
Result: Denmark 1-1 Romania

Freiburg vs Hoffenheim: 1.10.2017
Hoffenheim can get to second spot if they manage to get the road win. Freiburg on the other hand hasn't won any game so far and are considered outsiders. But it's high time now for the hosts to finally get the three points. They have lost alot of players in the transfer window and the new signings haven't fit in yet. But now we expect Freiburg to manage and prevail in front of their fans.
Result: Freiburg 3-2 Hoffenheim!

Italian League:
Crotone vs Benevento: 24.9.2017
Neither team has managed to get a win so far in the season. So now we think that this situation will change. Benevento haven't managed to get any point at all , not playing at a high level. They will have a tough time not to relegate this season. Crotone on the other side , haven't started the season strong but they are capable of playing alot better. So we will pick the home team for the victory!
Result: Crotone won 2-0!

German League:
Bremen vs Schalke: 17.9.2017
Both teams are pretty attacking and can offer some very good offensive display. But Werder didn't manage to win any game so far and don't look to be too sharp. That's why our focus is on Schalke as they are the better team. We will choose the away side to control the game and be able to get the victory. So, Schalke to win today!
Result: Bremen 1-2 Schalke

Spanish League:
Villarreal vs Betis:
The hosts started the season with two straight losses and will be looking to end this negative skid. Betis did manage to get one victory and are pretty confident right now.
But we do think that Villarreal will finally manage to get the first win of the season. So we will pick the hosts to overcome Betis' challenge.
Result: Villarreal won 3-1!

World Cup qualification:
Iceland vs Ukraine: 6.9.2017

This group is the tightest in the qualification round. There are 4 teams with realistic chances of advancing. Iceland is under pressure to perform as they are one point behind Ukraine. Considering that the home teams usually won in this group, we would pick Iceland aswell for the three points. So we have very good odds betting on the home side.
Result: Iceland 2-0 Ukraine

Romania vs Armenia:2.9.2017
Both teams are struggling to gather points and find a good rhythm going. Romania's campaign so far was very disappointing so they will look for a win here although they won't have alot of chances to qualify anymore. So Romania to prevail in a game where most probably both teams won't score. We can't see Armenia finding the back of the net!
Result: Romania won 1-0!

Leipzig vs Freiburg: 28.8.2017
Both teams have played great last season and were extremely impressive. Freiburg sold alot of first team players so we don't think they'll be better than last year. They shouldn't stand a chance against Leipzig who beat them twice recently. But we will choose the line with both teams scoring because both franchises are very offensive minded.
Result: Leipzig won 4-1!

Spanish League:
Espanyol vs Leganes : 27.8.2017
Both teams obtained pretty good results in the first round. Espanyol got a draw away to Sevilla while Leganes earned a home victory on their debut. But we do consider Leganes a weak team when playing on the road. That's the reason why we will pick the home team Espanyol to get the three points in this encounter. 
Result: Leganes got the 1-0 win!

Premier League:
Tottenham vs Chelsea: 20.8.2017
Very strong match early on in the season. Everyone is regarding Tottenham as favorites as they have started the season well while Chelsea struggled in the first round. But they are the defending champions so we think that Chelsea will show a lot of character and manage to get a positive result. That's why we are predicting a win for Conte's team away at the Spurs!
Result: Chelsea won 2-1!

French League:
Metz vs Monaco: 18.8.2017

Monaco started the season very well although they have traded a lot of players. They still look pretty convincing upfront. Metz aren't bad at home but we don't think that they will be able to match Monaco's quality. We expect Monaco to win and both teams not to score. We should have a close match nevertheless dominated by the defending champions!
Result: Monaco won 1-0!

Rennes vs Lyon: 11.8.2017
Rennes hasn't lost too many games at home last season and should be equally tough to defeat this season. But although Lyon have lost some players we do think that they are very strong as they acquired a few talented prospects that could give them a boost. We will therefor bet on Lyon to at least get a draw and more likely to earn the three points.
Result: Lyon won 2-1!

German SuperCup:
Dortmund vs Bayern:5.8.2017
Before the start of the Bundesliga, the two best german teams will meet in this final to test their strength. Both teams will try out a few new players but their core pretty much remained the same so we should have an entertaining encounter. We are confident that both squads will manage to score tonight. More than that we expect Dortmund not to lose in regular time as they seem to have the better attitude to start the new season.
Result: BvB vs Bayern 2-2 ( regular time)

Friendly match:
Real Madrid vs Barcelona: 30.7.2017
Obviously this is just a friendly encounter but even in a relaxed atmosphere , this two teams will be competitive. Looking at the players available for tonight , we consider Barca to be favorites as Real have some key components missing from their starting eleven. So we predict a win for the Catalan side in a highly entertaining match!
Result: Barcelona managed to get the win!

Europa League:
Freiburg vs Domzale: 27.7.2017
The german club had an outstanding season for their caliber. They were newly promoted and managed to catch a Europa League place. Now they will try to advance to the group stage but they will have a tough match against Domzale. Since they are playing at home we will bet on Freiburg and both teams not scoring tonight!
Result: Freiburg won 1-0!

Champions League:
Nice vs Ajax: 26.7.2017
This is the most interesting match of the qualifying stage. Nice had a great season and are eyeing a place in this year's Champions League group stage. Ajax have reached the Europa League final last year being beaten by United. Now they'll try to prove themselves in the most important competition aswell. We think that Nice will win this match and both teams will score!
Result: Nice vs Ajax 1-1 

Friendly match:
Manchester United vs Manchester City: 21.7.2017
This will be a very interesting friendly encounter between two teams that will also battle it out for the Premier League title this season. A lot of new signings for both squads but looking at the players they brought for this tour , we definitely regard United as being the stronger side. That's why we will pick Mourinho's team to get the better of Guardiola and manage to win this match!

Romanian League:
Steaua vs Voluntari: 16.7.2017
This is the first match of the season for both teams. Steaua have made a lot of trades and will find it tough to find any sort of chemistry. But their individual class should be enough to defeat Voluntari. The line that we're looking for is both teams to score. Voluntari have played very well in second part of the last season and they did carry the form over to this season winning the Super Cup. So we assume that both teams will find the back of the net!
Result: Steaua won 2-1!

Euro U-21 Final:
Germany vs Spain: 30.6.2017
Spain was very impressive so far in the competition as they are regarded as being favorites to lift the cup. But you can never count Germany out. They have world class players who can overcome Spain's passing game. We will like to go with the upset and select the Germans for the win. This should be a low scoring affair where we most probably won't have more than 3 goals!
Result: Germany won 1-0!

Confederations Cup:
Portugal vs Chile: 28.6.2017
Chile look to be very strong especially with Alexis Sanchez upfront. But Portugal can't be underestimated having Cristiano Ronaldo in top form. So most probably Portugal will manage to reach the final of the Confed Cup as they do have the better side. It should be a very open game where the European squad should dominate possession and eventually get the victory!
Result: Chile won after penalties.

Portugal vs Russia: 21.6.2017
Russia have won their opening game of the tournament and are well positioned to advance outta the group stage. Portugal on the other hand only drew against Mexico and would need a win to increase their chances of qualifying. Portugal have fielded a good roster for this competition and normally are the best team in their group! So we will pick them for the victory!
Result: Portugal won 1-0!

Sweden vs France: 9.6.2017
This is a match for the World Cup qualifiers. Sweden must win this home game to put pressure on the Dutch who are behind them in the standings. But of course it will be very difficult to defeat France. That's why we prefer to choose a different line. Since this will be an attacking display where we should see alot of chances, we predict that both teams will manage to find the back of the net!
Result: Sweden won 2-1!

Italy: Serie A:
Crotone vs Lazio: 28.5.2017

Crotone need the three points to avoid relegation. A draw just wouldn't be enough for them. Empoli are playing away and if they manage to win then Crotone will go down regardless of their result. But Crotone should take care of their own business first and rely on an upset in the Empoli match.

Premier League:
Swansea vs WBA: 21.5.2017
Nothing to play for in this matchup as both teams are safe in midtable. Swansea have been on a great run lately winning 3 of their last 4 games and that's why we expect them to try and finish the season on a high note in front of their fans. 
So Swansea to manage and clinch the victory!
Result: Swansea won 2-1!

Hamburg vs Wolfsburg: 20.05.2017
What a great game this is going to be. Great implications here as both teams will try to avoid relegation. Wolfsburg just need a point to make sure they stay up. Hamburg on the other hand need the victory as they are 2 points behind Wolfsburg. Considering all this we will pick Wolfsburg to at least clinch a draw at HSV.
Result: HSV won 2-1!

Champions League:
Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid : 10.5.2017
After winning the first leg 3-0, Real are the clear favorites to advance to the final. But this means that Atletico do have to attack from the start and might have a great chance to at least win this return leg. Atletico will try to put Real under constant pressure in order to score a quick goal that might give them some hope to stage a comeback. So we will pick Atletico for the home win in the Champions League clash!
Result: Atletico won 2-1!

French League:
Lyon vs Nantes: 7.5.2017
Both teams don't have alot to play for. Nantes are stuck in midtable while Lyon are pretty certain to finish 4th. But since Lyon play at home and have to compensate the loss to Ajax in the Europa League, we predict that they will be more motivated to win. Pretty decent odds for the home team to clinch the 3 points. 
Result: Lyon won 3-2!

Spanish League:
Eibar vs Leganes: 30.4.2017

Although Leganes need some points to be sure to avoid relegation we can't envision them winning at Eibar. The hosts are very dangerous at home and with a win they could still close the gap to the 6th place. So we're picking Eibar for the win!
Result: Eibar managed to win!

Villarreal vs Leganes: 22.4.2017
Villarreal are trying to secure a place in the Top 6 . So a home win would be very important. Although Leganes are close to the relegation zone we don't think that they can get away with points from this road game. So we do expect the home team to prevail and take all three points . A win would secure their current 5th place and put pressure on the teams chasing them!

Premier League:
Middlesbrough vs Arsenal: 17.4.2017
Both teams are in desperate need of points. Arsenal are in bad form and would look to rebound here while for Boro anything else than 3 points are a failure. So we should have a pretty open game with goals being scored. That's why we would recommend to bet on both teams finding the back of the net tonight!
Result: Arsenal won 2-1!

Italy- Serie A:
Inter vs Milan:15.4.2017
Inter is actually more desperate than Milan and it's very likely that they will not settle for anything less than 3 points. But in such a city derby the league position doesn't even matter...and as we always had close encounter , we think that this match will be equally balanced aswell. What we do recommend it to bet on both teams scoring today. We should see a pretty high scoring affair!
Result: Inter 2-2 Milan

Champions League:
Dortmund vs Monaco: 11.4.2017
What a game we're going to have on our hands. This teams are very attacking so it wouldn't surprise us to see some goals. We expect both teams to find the back of the net. Monaco will look to take an advantage back home and we're confident that they won't lose this clash. They are a better passing team with superior discipline. So , either go with the road team to get at least a draw or look for the goal line with both teams being on target.
Result: Monaco won 3-2!

Freiburg vs Mainz: 8.4.2017
Freiburg got a very unlikely road victory in midweek and are now facing a struggling Mainz team at home which has lost 4 straight games. The visitors are in deep relegation problems and need a positive result here. But we think that Freiburg has what it takes to prevail at home and gain the home victory. The three points will move them closer to a Europa League place!
Result: Freiburg won 1-0!

Bundesliga:Free Tip:
Hamburg vs Koln: 1.4.2017
Koln has been struggling lately while Hamburg are on a positive run trying to avoid relegation. Their play has improved drastically and we expect them to continue their fine form today.
It will be a close game but our prediction lies with the home team. Hamburg should be able to get all three points here!
Result: HSV won 2-1!

Freiburg vs Bremen: 1.4.2017
Freiburg are very strong at home and although Bremen haven't lost any of their last 5 games we do think that the home team is stronger.
Their coach Streich is one of the best in Germany and we're confident that he'll find the solution to defeat Bremen today. So our tip is : SC Freiburg to prevail!
Result: Bremen won 5-2!

Netherlands vs Italy: 28.3.2017
The Dutch have fired their coach after their loss against Bulgaria over the weekend. Now, this being a friendly against a very tough team, we should see a tight game. Although Italy are defensive minded we wouldn't be surprised if both team manage to score tonight.
Result: Both teams scored!

World Cup Qualifiers:
Colombia vs Bolivia: 23.3.2017
Colombia desperately need a win as they are one point behind the 5th spot and 2 points behind the third position. But Bolivia have a tough defense and it's normally difficult to defeat them or to score alot of goals. This is why we are betting on both teams not scoring tonight as this will be a low scoring game!
Result: Colombia won 1-0!

French League:
Nantes vs Nice:19.3.2017
Nice have been struggling as of late not being able to keep pace with Monaco and PSG. They still are positioned very well  , lying in third position. Nantes have been pretty strong at home so that's why this will be a very interesting game. We expect Nice not to lose and earn at least  a draw against Nantes. Very good odds for this double chance.
Result: Nantes vs Nice 1-1!

Champions League: 
Atletico Madrid vs Bayer Leverkusen: 15.3.2017
After easily winning the first leg in Germany, Atletico should have no problems qualifying for the next stage. On top of that we believe that they will manage to win this home game aswell, They are too dominant on home turf for the german side. So we do expect the Spaniards to cruise into the quarters! The best line here is both teams not to score!
Result: Atletico vs Bayer 0-0!

Italian League:
Sassuolo vs Bologna:
It's been awhile since Sassuolo played convincing football at home while Bologna showed that they are tough to defeat on the road. Their playing style make them a very dangerous team over the counterattack. So, Bologna is our pick here to at least earn a draw. If you want to gamble then you can bet on the away team to get all three points!
Result: Bologna won 1-0!

Spanish League:
Valencia vs Gijon: 11.3.2017
After a dismal start to the season, Valencia are slowly finding their form and starting to play decent. Gijon is in serious relegation trouble and will find it difficult to get any points on the road. Valencia should be able to dominate the play and earn the home victory!
Result: Valencia 1-1 Gijon!

Europa League:
Schalke vs Gladbach:9.3.2017
This two teams also met in the Bundesliga and we had a high scoring game. We assume more of the same will happen in the Europa League. So here it would be wise to bet on both teams to score. Although playing away, we expect Gladbach to be the more dangerous team. Ultimately look for both teams to be on target tonight!
Result: Schalke vs Gladbach 1-1!

Primera Division:
Deportivo La Coruna vs Betis: 8.3.2017
This will be an interesting relegation bound match. Deportivo can't afford to lose any points at home as they are just a place over the relegation zone. They will be desperate to defend their home ground so we think that they will manage and clinch all three points. Betis isn't very efficient on the road so a win for Depor is very likely!
Result: Game ended in a draw!

Premier League:
Leicester vs Hull: 4.3.2017
Hull hasn't played quality football lately and subsequently have dropped to second from bottom. Leicester have won against Liverpool just after firing Ranieri, the man who guided them to the Premier League title last year. So in this matchup we do expect Leicester to grab the three points and move clear of the relegation zone!
Result: Leicester got the win!

Our focus will be on the main 5 european leagues : English, Spanish, German, Italian and French League.
But as the leagues or games themselves don't really matter we just concentrate on the best odds that we find around the soccer world. This is why , we have hired expert tipsters that specialised on different leagues giving us great value.
Check out our football expert tipsters here and decide which is the right one for you!

European Leagues

Senior tipster for Italian , French and Dutch Football

Andy Hughes :
Number of tips: 303
Hit rate: 57.81%

Last  picks:
Won: Crotone vs Milan 1-1
Lost: Empoli vs Sassuolo 1-3
Won: Nantes vs Lorient 1-0
Won: Monaco vs Dijon 2-1
Won: Feyenoord vs Utrecht 2-0
Lost: Nantes vs Bordeaux 0-1
Won; Torino vs Crotone 1-1
Won: Inter vs Milan 2-2 
Won: Bologna vs Chievo 4-1
Lost: Nantes vs Nice 1-1
Won:Bordeaux vs Montpellier 5-1
Won: Milan vs Fiorentina 1-0
Won: Lorient vs Nice 0-1
Lost: Bastia vs Monaco 1-1
Won: Pescara vs Fiorentina 1-2
Won: PSG vs Monaco 1-1
Lost: Lyon vs Lille 1-2
Won: Nice vs Guingamp 3-1
Won: Palermo vs Inter 0-1

Subscription plans :

1 Week subscription :7.99€

1 Month subscription: 25.99 €

Premier League

 Premier League Expert 

Jim Dawson :
Number of tips: 299
Hit rate: 59.44%

Last  matches:
Won: Tottenham vs Arsenal 2-0
Won:Manchester Utd vs Swansea 1-1
Won: Manchester Utd vs Chelsea 2-0
Won: Everton vs Burnley 3-1
Lost: Watford vs Swansea 1-0
Won: Man. City vs Liverpool 1-1
Won: Tottenham vs Southampton 2-1
Lost:WBA vs Arsenal 3-1
Won: Liverpool vs Tottenham 2-0
Won: West Ham vs Man. City 0-4
Lost: Swansea vs Southampton 2-1
Won: Burnley vs Leicester 1-0
Won: Stoke vs Watford 2-0
Lost: Crystal Palace vs Swansea 1-2
Won: Watford vs Tottenham 1-4
Won: Leicester vs West Ham 1-0
Lost:Swansea vs West Ham 1-4
Won: M'Boro vs Swansea 3-0
Won:Southampton vs M'Boro 1-0
Won: M'Boro vs Hull 1-0
Lost: Bournemouth vs Liverpool 4-3
Won:Stoke vs Burnley 2-0
Won: Chelsea vs Tottenham 2-1

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Single Bet : 1€

1 Week subscription :7.99€

1 Month subscription: 25.99 €


Expert on German Football

Peter Schmidt:
Number of tips: 235
Hit rate: 58.66%

Last matches:
Won: Bremen vs Hertha 2-0
Won: Hoffenheim vs Frankfurt 1-0
Lost: Darmstadt vs Freiburg 3-0
Won: Bremen vs HSV 2-1
Lost: Leipzig vs Freiburg 4-0
Won: Wolfsburg vs Ingolstadt 3-0
Won: Koln vs Hertha 4-2
Won: Gladbach vs Leipzig 1-2
Lost: Frankfurt vs Ingolstadt 0-2
Won: Freiburg vs Koln 2-1
Won: Leipzig vs Hoffenheim 2-1
Won: Freiburg vs Hertha 2-1
Lost: Leverkusen vs Gladbach 2-3
Won: Leipzig vs Hertha 2-0
Won:Freiburg vs Darmstadt 1-0

Subscription plans :

Single Bet : 1€

1 Week subscription :6.99€

1 Month subscription: 24.99 €

Spanish League-Primera Division

Expert on Spanish and Portuguese Football

Jose Beltre:
Number of tips:204
Hit rate: 58.33%

Last  matches:
Won: Eibar vs Leganes 2-0
Won: Bilbao vs Las Palmas 5-1
Won: Deportivo vs Celta 0-1
Lost: Alaves vs Sociedad 1-0
Won:Betis vs Osasuna 2-0
Won: Celta vs Osasuna 3-0
Lost: Malaga vs Las Palmas 2-1
Won: Deportivo vs Alaves 0-1
Won: Las Palmas vs Valencia 3-1
Won:Espanyol vs Sevilla 3-1
Lost: Alaves vs A.Madrid 0-0
Won: Gijon vs Villarreal 1-3
Won: Celta vs Sevilla 0-3
Lost: Las Palmas vs Leganes 1-1
Won:Valencia vs Malaga 2-2
Won: Betis vs Celta 3-3
Won:Bilbao vs Eibar 3-1
Lost: Barcelona vs Real Madrid 1-1

1 Week subscription :8.99€

1 Month subscription: 25.99 €

Free Football Tips History

Pick of the Day! History

Italian Cup:
Juventus vs Napoli: 28.2.2017
Juve is almost unbeatable at home and this first leg should prove too much to handle for Napoli. This are the best two teams in Italy but normally Juventus ought to prevail and make a huge step towards the Cup Final. We will probably see a high scoring game where both teams will be on target!
Result: Juventus managed to win 3-1!

French League:
St. Etienne vs Caen : 26.2.2017
The home team must be a little bit tired after playing in the Europa League aswell this week but they eye a top position in the standings . Being the more motivated team with alot more talent on their side , they should be able to get passed Caen who are battling to avoid relegation. So St. Etienne to get the home victory!
Result: Caen won 1-0!

Champions League:
Bayer Leverkusen vs A. Madrid: 21.2.2017
First leg of this encounter where we expect Atletico to try and take a lead into the return leg. They are very good on the counterattack and we shouldn't be surprised if they managed to catch Bayer off guard. We predict a win for Simeone's side as they are favorites to advance!
Result: Madrid won 4-2!

Italian League:
Milan vs Fiorentina: 18.2.2017
This teams are separated by just one point in the league standings and both are looking to climb in the table and at least earn a top 4 finish. Milan seem to be in better shape so we'd pick them for the home win where we have very decent odds. It will be tough but the home side does feel to be the stronger team!
Result: Milan got the 3 points!

Champions League Free Tip:
PSG vs Barcelona: 14.2.2017
This is maybe the most awaited clash at this stage of the Champions League. PSG should actually be considered as favorites because at home they are almost untouchable. Barca aren't really playing near their potential so we wouldn't be surprised if PSG would get the win. The French side should be much more motivated than Barcelona and in front of their fans ought to get the victory!
Result: Psg won 4-0!

Italian League Free Tip:
Seria A:
Fiorentina vs Udinese: 11.2.2017
Not many teams manage to steal points from Fiorentina when they're playing at home. Udinese isn't a very dangerous road team while Fiorentina need the three points to climb in the standings. We will pick the Firenze side to prevail!

FA Cup:
Leicester vs Derby County : 8.2.2017
Leicester have a dreadful season in the Premier League but somehow they managed to qualify in the later stages of the Champions League. We think that they will perform well in the FA Cup aswell. That's why we will pick Leicester for the win as they are superior to Derby.
Results: Leicester won 3-1!

French League:
Nantes vs Nancy: 5.2.2017
Nantes have won 3 outta their last 5 games and only PSG managed to defeat them lately. Nancy aren't a force on the road and we don't think they'll get away with points from Nantes. So although it will be a tight game , we will bet on the home side to clinch the win!
Nancy managed to win!

Spanish Cup:
Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona:1.2.2017
This is the first leg of the semifinal. Although Madrid are playing at home they will have a very tough time to contain Barcelona as the Spanish giants will field their best eleven. So we expect Barca to get the victory and make a huge step of qualifying to the next stage. Atletico are struggling a bit right now so a bet on Messi and Co is the best thing to do in this matchup!
Result: Barcelona won 2-1!

French Cup:
Lille vs Nantes: 31.1.2017
Lille's recent form is very respectable as they did manage to earn some important wins. But Nantes have always played well in the French Cup so it's going to be tough to oust them. We do predict a close game where Nantes most probably won't lose in regular time. So we are predicting that Lille won't win tonight!

French League Tips:
Nice vs Guingamp: 29.1.2017
What a game this will be. Nice are starting to struggle a bit and have fallen into second place behind Monaco being pressured also by PSG. Guingamp are a top 6 team and they will be tough to overcome. But we expect Nice to find their scoring touch again and manage to get all three points in here. They could end up in first place at the end of the matchday since Monaco is playing away at PSG and will likely not win!
Result: Nice easily prevailed!

Italian Cup:
Juventus vs Milan: 25.1.2017
This two teams met not a long time ago in the SuperCup which Milan won on penalties. Milan also handed Juve a loss in the league. So now , for sure Juventus will seek revenge. That's why we are picking the Italian defending champions to defeat Milan tonight in the Cup rather easily. Juve to go through!
Result: Juventus won 2-1!

Bundesliga Tips:
Bayer Leverkusen vs Hertha Berlin: 22.1.2017
Hertha finished the first half of the season in third which was a big surprise. Bayer were disappointing being 9 points behind Hertha. But Leverkusen need to put in a great performance to safe the season. This is why we think that they will start the second part of the campaign with a win. It will be very tight but we're tipping the home team for the victory!
Result: Bayer won 3-1!

Spanish League:
Valencia vs Espanyol: 15.1.2017
The home team are just one place above the relegation zone so they are in desperate need of points Espanyol have a dreadful record away and that's wy we're confident that they won't gather points. We are picking Valencia for the home win which will give them breathing room in the relegation battle!
Result: Valencia won 2-1!

Italian League:
Genoa vs Roma: 8.1.2017
We should see a very low scoring game because Genoa usually don't allow alot of goals on their home pitch. But Roma are clearly the better side so we can't imagine them not winning today. So we would pick Roma to clinch the road win and keep up the pressure on league leaders Juventus!
Result: Roma won 1-0!

Chievo vs Atalanta: 8.1.2017
This should be a very tight game. Atalanta was on a very decent winning streak that ended recently.They still have to be considered as being dangerous on the road so Chievo would be happy with a draw. We think that we won't see many goals and would bet on both teams not scoring!
Result: Atalanta won 4-1!

Premier League:
Bournemouth vs Arsenal: 2.1.2017
Bournemouth are pretty strong at home but they will find it very difficult to withstand Arsenal's pressure. We do believe that Wenger's side will win this road game. So we're picking Arsenal to get the victory and climb in the standings!
Result: Bournemouth 3-3 Arsenal

Leicester vs West Ham: 31.12.2016
Leicester have been struggling all season long. Although they have qualified for the latter stages in the Champions League , they played awful in the Premier League. So we do expect them to right the ship and earn the valuable home win against West Ham. It will be tight but Ranieri ought to find the winning formula!
Result: Leicester won 1-0!

Swansea vs West Ham: 26.12.2016
This is a game between two teams of whom everyone thought at the beginning of the season that they will be in the top half of the standings. But both have disappointed so far. We are predicting a high scoring game today where most probably West Ham will get the 3 points!
Result: West Ham won 4-1!

German Bundesliga:
Frankfurt vs Mainz: 20.12.2016
Both teams are pretty offensive and displayed some fine form so far. We do expect some goals tonight. With a win , Frankfurt can move to third place in the standings so we assume that they wont waste this chance. Although Mainz is a tough team to beat, we are picking Eintracht for the victory tonight!
Result: Frankfurt vs Mainz 3-0!

Italian Soccer Tips:
Lazio vs Fiorentina: 18.12.2016
Lazio has played well over the last couple of weeks being pretty impressive. Fiorentina did drop some points and we wouldn't be surprised if they will be beaten in the capital tonight. Lazio should be able to get all three points and stay in the hund for a podium finish.
Result: Lazio won 3-1!

French League betting offer:
Monaco vs Lyon: 18.12.2016
Lyon have picked up the pace lately and are finding their old form back. But Monaco are very impressive so far in the season. They are a goal scoring machine so we do expect this to be a pretty high scoring and entertaining match. We do favor Monaco to win and will hence pick them for the victory!
Result: Lyon won 3-1!

Italian League football pick:
Genoa vs Fiorentina: 15.12.2016
This are two pretty low scoring teams so we can't really see how this game will turn out to be a high scoring one. We expect Genoa to prevail in a very tight match. We recommend to either bet on a Genoa win or to pick the line both teams not to score as we're not going to have alot of scoring chances!
Result: Genoa vs Fiorentiona 1-0!

Premier League Tips:
WBA vs Swansea: 14.12.2016
WBA is pretty strong at home and are the favorites to clinch the win. But Swansea are starting to pick up the pace and gather points. It's vital for them to get at least a point here in order to avoid relegation. So we are betting on the Swans to manage and clinch a point!

Italian League Predictions:
Fiorentina vs Sassuolo: 12.12.2016
Fiorentina have a great defense and a decent attack, that's why we don't expect a high scoring game. Most probably Sassuolo will lose and will find it difficult to score any goals. So Fiorentina to clinch the win. For higher odds you can pick them to even win the first half!

Premier League Football Tips:
Swansea vs Sunderland: 10.12.2016
Both teams are in the bottom half of the standings. But Swansea seem to be the more desperate team so it's highly likely that they will manage to get all three points at home. We do believe that they will dominate this match and be able to clinch the much needed win!
Result: Swansea won 3-0!



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